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  1. Thanks Steven
  2. Bug: Hold Position doesnt work at times
  3. Spider-free version of Din's Curse
  4. Out of range message (no target)
  5. Emergent gameplay is not immediately apparent
  6. Weird enemy remains?
  7. I don't care about the town
  8. Cursed Character
  9. Impossible quests?
  10. Graphics slows to 3 fps
  11. No more quests but the town is not safe
  12. Dark Elf Mage AE ignores line of sight?
  13. item requirements and bypassing them
  14. Lethal strike with your bow
  15. right click attack bow with melee weapon on weapon switch
  16. Quests don't seem to have anymore consequences after some time
  17. Din's quest to destroy altar is not showing
  18. Din beta patch 0.912
  19. The coolest thing about this Beta...
  20. Some thoughts about multiplayer
  21. Idea: monsters activating traps
  22. Little suggestion
  23. Bug: item selling
  24. Uprisings
  25. Regarding item hunt quests
  26. Bug: bosses not killed, but quest marked as Completed
  27. The dangers of killing rockfalls
  28. Demon5bUnique
  29. Status Ailment Labels
  30. Credits
  31. A couple of questions and observations.
  32. Din patch 1.000
  33. Named Scarabus Blaster killed self: quest unsolveable
  34. Some new ideas from playing some more.
  35. Din's Curse and most recent nVidia drivers
  36. Quick thoughts on Escort (Fight With) mission
  37. Nice trick, Maura!
  38. Do monsters ever loot anything?
  39. Town has the plague, but plague not spreading
  40. Cleave issue
  41. The renegade Ger is attacking the town (from DL3?)
  42. Event/quest idea: endless invasion
  43. Renegade Brilla disguised herself as a Mammoth?
  44. Chests over level 100 not containing loot
  45. Town invasion bug
  46. Bugged Meeting Quest