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  1. War with Sprites - No sprites?
  2. Shader bug
  3. Missing graphics
  4. difficulty to join online servers
  5. Flashing target
  6. Saving pets
  7. Bags, food, potions no longer drop
  8. Starving Main Character
  9. Invisible Wall
  10. "Corrupt game files." STEAM/OSX
  11. Works on steam, awesome.
  12. Can't move by clicking on the ground
  13. Mac Steam version Crash when Clicking Statue on Wall
  14. Game unplayably laggy
  15. Black Screen
  16. Steam edition of Dim's curse crashing at game load screen
  17. Latest Steam Patch is crashing game
  18. Multiplayer Connection Issue
  19. Din's Curse shuts off computer
  20. Mouse calibration is way off
  21. Arcane Swarm makes the dungeon dark
  22. Global stats bug
  23. Problem with Steam Demo
  24. Patching
  25. Space to buy/sell and Alt doesnt work anymore for me
  26. Teleporter Bug
  27. Resummoning Chaos Lord cancels other pets
  28. Din's Curse won't open after entering license string- Steam
  29. Need help for Din's Curse Patches
  30. Artefacts
  31. Black Screen when starting the game [FIX]
  32. Pausing too much
  33. Problem with stash and inventory
  34. Cursed Rewards
  35. reproducible CTD in certain situations
  36. Game crashes (multiplayer)
  37. Resolution Set to 4x Monitor Size
  38. Game closes after entering license key
  39. Game constantly stops and starts
  40. server is running a different protocol?
  41. Syntax Oddities in Base Database
  42. Demon War doesn't work with GOG
  43. Healer friend cannot heal my pets in multiplayer mode.
  44. Magician quirk
  45. Dark Elf Assassin stealth
  46. A bug? No trap i saw but i still feel down
  47. What illegal gate doing if it completed?
  48. Just annoyed with this town
  49. Can't load main character, "bad item"
  50. Possible bug with worn gear
  51. Game Crash Char deleted??
  52. So, quest drop not dropping
  53. cannot pick up most items in multiplayer
  54. Bug or what?
  55. Demo won't run (Mac)
  56. Bugs in slow Pacing? v1.029
  57. Name Mismatch
  58. Cannot begin playing demo (Windows 10 Pro)
  59. Figured out my problem