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  1. My save file seems to have gotten corrupted.
  2. Typos, cont.
  3. Diplomatic?
  4. Game crashes when minimized
  5. merchant inventory disappears
  6. Critical Error DryadCruiser.mds Not Found
  7. Typo, non-critical
  8. Fighter Bays
  9. Tractor beam
  10. Odd win situation
  11. too little energy
  12. Game process starts, but nothing happens...
  13. Resolution error
  14. Making Peace
  15. Warp gate activation missing in multiplayer
  16. Map Hitching
  17. Missing effect
  18. Right-click slots and dragging
  19. can't read title menu
  20. Drox Op crashes in Mac OS 10.6.8
  21. Demo is failing to save properly
  22. LAN Multiplayer connection problems
  23. AI relations not resolving properly when war is declared
  24. two of the same faction in a game
  25. Cloak in Right-click slot causes spam
  26. boot resolution issues
  27. Missiles tracking missiles
  28. Unbreakable and +Durability% on Same Item
  29. Retina display problem
  30. fringe race bonus lowers positive bonuses
  31. beta feedback
  32. Brunt light battlecruiser model
  33. Two things I noticed.
  34. Wrong text, very small bug
  35. Refresh rate or resolution problem
  36. Durability increase on indestructable items?
  37. Invulnerable Planet
  38. Am I supposed to be able to lose after I've already won?
  39. Race specific slots reduce power load reductions
  40. Enemy Race ships.. Way to overpowered defense wise..
  41. Wrong error message when repairing an item with no/full durability
  42. Bypass 10 second install timer
  43. Reward Chests
  44. Bug...? Incorrect responses to Left Clicks?
  45. Some balancing may need to be done to shadow in 1.004.
  46. Possible bug with Engines maybe?
  47. Mines don't work against the races
  48. Crtical file Models/bruntEscort.3mdl not found!
  49. "I will make you an offer you can't refuse"
  50. High level interceptors in low level interceptor bays
  51. A minor glitch (pressing Ctrl in Trading window)
  52. "Quest complete" bug
  53. Talon bug(?): friendly to all monsters
  54. Minor Ceasefire bugs(?)
  55. Broken Installed stuff problem
  56. Zombified Race Planets (bug or feature)?
  57. Invincible Bugged Planets
  58. Can't target
  59. Remote mines damage enemies two times
  60. Minor bug with shield recharging after death
  61. Crash, apparently sound-related
  62. *.mnu bugz
  63. bug: fairly sure: enviromental control which has had it's power reduced at a fringe..
  64. Quest to colonize non-existent planet
  65. Vanishing starlanes?
  66. Something is broken with Shadow (the race)
  67. Cannot reject offer from humans
  68. sort of a bug wormhole/starlane
  69. Request for gate naming
  70. Annoying bug forces me to abandon sector after sector
  71. duplicate race? is this a bug?
  72. Steal tech quest bug
  73. quest to get item and take to same planet
  74. Evolve Incompatibility
  75. Being mistaken for a communication device...oh my! :)
  76. Stealth fighters not stealthy
  77. Quest Monsters
  78. Repeated crash bug
  79. 2 missions to colonize same planet
  80. no medium reward chest when in dimensional pocket
  81. Diplomacy bug that works like a money cheat
  82. Ape Bug
  83. sound-related? crash on mac
  84. Crash on boot (Linux/Wine)
  85. cannot reject offer from Talon
  86. Just reinstalled for expansion and crash..
  87. Grey Gooed self caused crash
  88. Thrust Cursor bug?
  89. [Bug] Shockwave's weapon speed.
  90. typo
  91. Problem with switching windows with vertical taskbar
  92. Races trade contact with other races for free
  93. increase durability bug?
  94. Problems with multiplayer
  95. LAN and stuff.
  96. DPS on character panel
  97. Sub-race technology bug? Or Mutant problem?
  98. Quests missing reward information
  99. [iota] Swarm Missiles do not fit in Brunt racial slot
  100. [bug] Component description contains 'power overload' message
  101. Crash approaching starlane to quest-filled system
  102. Quest location bug
  103. destroyed planet, ship changed race
  104. Minor Interface Bug
  105. Positive Rumor effect
  106. system map
  107. Rebel quests
  108. Patch 1.020 Installation Problem
  109. Achievement progress typos
  110. game lose bug
  111. [Bug] After a successful rebellion, the system's quest list doesn't update
  112. 1.021 Bug/wording Win Progress screen
  113. 2 planets with same name
  114. 1.021 - Getting credit for quests I wasn't involved in?
  115. 1.021 bug Alliance Drox Guild Quest
  116. Boost Race Power issue
  117. Cursor issue
  118. [Bug] More than thirty failed propaganda attempts in a row
  119. 1.021 - Unsolvable quest
  120. Patch issue (minor but annoying)
  121. Fringe reduce power, sort of a bug
  122. Sun + Grey Goo =
  123. 1.023 bug - adding chip sockets with Utopian
  124. Bugs and complaints
  125. Ceasefire - ships keep attacking?
  126. Ceasefire more expensive than Peace Treaty?
  127. Minor bugs in 1.024
  128. Sector map not showing unvisited sectors post win
  129. No control
  130. Co-Op Map and Jump Gate problem.
  131. Drox Operative 1.024 bug - planets frequently have the quest item they need
  132. Race destroyed by monsters
  133. "Uprising" quests with extremely low monster count
  134. [Display Bug] Starbase Light Occlusion
  135. Minor achievement "bug" and suggestion
  136. Races do not colonize planets[CHAOS]
  137. Fighter bays bug
  138. Prob race slot bug
  139. Possible bug
  140. Rumor
  141. many duplicate planets
  142. missile starbase bug
  143. [Bug] The Guild must be crazy.
  144. anomalies
  145. Bug with Zombiefied Zombie Planets?
  146. some old bugs still present
  147. Performance Issues in OS X 10.9
  148. [IotA] A couple of minor bugs
  149. [IOTA] Subrace typo - 1.031
  150. Ship automaticly starts moving and cannot be controled
  151. Impossible drox guild quests
  152. new issues with 8.1
  153. bug or feature? do stuff while game paused
  154. Raise happiness of a dead crew member
  155. Racial demand cannot be rejected
  156. Failing colony ships
  157. Races stuck at 1 planet, 4 ships
  158. Need an enemy
  159. DPS on stats screen not updating correctly
  160. Crash in 1.031
  161. Game freezes while in map interface
  162. 1.032 Empire dissolving
  163. No way to help infected planet.
  164. Race relations screen: missing connections (IOTA 1.32)
  165. Possible money bug
  166. Bugs with translation
  167. Anomalies again
  168. Legendary win disappear
  169. Screen Centering
  170. "Unknown crew" on telepath ship
  171. Bug in 1.034
  172. Game lag as hell!
  173. Bug with beacons
  174. Crash in 1.034 - empire split
  175. Game Crash in Demo
  176. Game error at start(steam)
  177. Texture issues?
  178. Multiplayer Paused on Start
  179. Game fails to start
  180. PC freeze deletes game settings and corrupts character/ship data.
  181. Raiders won't launch
  182. Sort of a bug... Technology items
  183. [Bug] Planetary problems with no quest
  184. Quest bugs (missing system name, missing planet)
  185. Escape Pod + Mission Fail bug
  186. White screen in 1.36
  187. Enhance bug, credits still taken when it can't be reduced.
  188. Energy on taking hits when using invuln shield
  189. server is using a different protocol version
  190. Bug: Weapon refire rate componnents...
  191. Can't find drox location when installing patch
  192. Relations bug
  193. Death Defier achievement not working
  194. [Esthetics] No graphic for Utopian Rebels beacon
  195. Subraces and race achievements
  196. Backlashes hacking Ballistic weapons
  197. Steam interrupting game
  198. Multiplayer desync?
  199. Races Despawning and no/wrong target system for Resurrect Race
  200. Loss of data when switching between single and multiplayer
  201. Clone race logo missing
  202. pressing exit button crashed pc
  203. Mouse not working in menu
  204. Multiple treaties displaying
  205. SPEED bonus disappearing.
  206. Game fails to start
  207. Missing word in Ascarid description (Shipyard)
  208. Bug in Escape Pod naming convention
  209. Thermal Resistance components have no level requirement
  210. can't run on mojave and eGPU
  211. Drone Marine Won't Attack Ships
  212. Escape Pod won't launch