View Full Version : Advice Needed for 42 Level Expert Rogue

Neophyte Coprolite
09-19-2008, 08:52 AM
I need advice from expert gamers like yourselves.

I have 60 skill points to spend and 35 character points. What to improve??

Str = 68
Dex = 81
Vit = 89
Intl = 71
Sprt = 47

Slice = 10
Leth Bl = 5
Viper V = 4
Stlth = 8
Dazzle = 5
Concentr = 5
Caltrops = 4
Dagger Mst = 2

What would you add, improve, change? Appreciate your help, thanks.

Lang mae yer lum reek!

09-19-2008, 10:42 AM
Gosh. You've been saving those points for a while, yeah?

You should be able to tell what you need a lift in though. Not killing fast enough? Put points in STR. Dieing too much? VIT and DEX. Can't wield the weapons you're finding? DEX, probably, or whatever you need to meet the requirements. Can't wear level-applicable armor? Ditto.

I will say that SPR really isn't that helpful for a rogue. You might bump it up to the nearest bonus skill, if it's pretty close, but otherwise I'd forget about it.

As for skills, you can play around with them all you want until you run out of money. Just try out a few skills and see what you like, really. I haven't got a rogue to that level yet, so I can't really say what scales well.

09-19-2008, 02:16 PM
I recently levelled me rogue up to around the same level as yours, so I can weigh in on this.

Mind you, I personally don't care to use the rogue's active skills (they're great for recruits, but I hate having to deal with Momentum), so my opinion is highly subjective.

Stat-wise, I would pump a lot of points into Dex and Int. Vit can use some points too in order to increase your Health. Strength is sort of useful; Spirit is not.

Since I go for the passive skills, I have a high Dagger Mastery skill. I threw points into offense and defensive increasing skills, like the Dodge/Evade/Deflection trio, Deadly Aim (I think that's the name, the icon is a red skull), the armor piercing skill...I think that's it. With a high Dex and the defense trio of skills, it makes my rogue resistant to taking damage. The Dagger Mastery increases attack and critical hit %, as does Deadly Aim and the high Int stat. Right now, I've got a 97% chance of hitting an opponent of equal level and there's only a 22% chance of that opponent hitting me, which are good odds in my favor.