View Full Version : Gaming Illustrated Din's Curse review

09-26-2012, 05:52 PM
We have a new review of Din's Curse over on Gaming Illustrated (http://gamingillustrated.com/dins-curse-pc-review/). Score: 88% Quote: When I booted up Din’s Curse for the first time, two words instantly sprang to mind: Diablo clone. Yet when people hear “clone” in reference to anything, it’s usually seen as a bad thing. But I’m happy to say that this is the furthest thing from the truth when it comes to Din’s Curse. Its gameplay style, randomly generated dungeons and storyline made me nostalgic for the crusades against Diablo that I went on every day when I was a kid. And while there are many “Diablo clones” out there, Din’s Curse adds a bit of something different.