View Full Version : Autumn and Dragons

Delilah Rehm
09-22-2008, 03:58 PM
This fall, I wanted to do something to celebrate the change of seasons. I learned a new craft, amigurumi, which is crocheting stuffed animals. I donít use hats or scarves, but stuffed animals are cute! I played games with the family, Mario Cart Double Dash and chess. Somehow, I always seemed to lose in Mario Cart. Even to the six-year old girl!

Today, Iím planning a feast. Cooking is a strange animal. Some stuff has to be started the day before, others begin the morning of, and depending on cooking temperatures and times, one could be cooking for several hours before a meal. The freezer is stuffed and the fridge has things precariously stacked for it all to fit! Except for the stuff sitting by the sink waiting to be cooked.

An interesting thing happened this weekend amidst the frivolity, which I like to call Here There Be Dragons. Saturday evening, our large dog (part great pry, part white golden retriever), Rain, was trying to jump over the backyard fence. The last time she did this (successfully too, she got nice and lost in the neighborhood) was when we first got her, before she realized this was her home. After I banged on the window and she briefly hid behind the compost, I went outside to figure out what was freaking her out. What had her shivering with a need to flee? A real life, fire breathing, wait for itÖ hot air balloon slowly gliding over our backyard!

Happy Fall, Everyone!