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10-05-2008, 05:04 PM
Heyas Shadow,

I'm not sure what's going on with the DPS showing on the character paperdoll. Any idea what's going on here? The only thing I can think of is that my Sword Mastery effect isn't working or displaying when I equip the Claymores.

Giant Sword (Paperdoll DPS 55.0)
23.7 DPS, 1.5 speed
+6% Find Items
+3-5 Fire

Claymore #1 (Paperdoll DPS 48.3)
25.0 DPS, 1.5 speed
+8 Intelligence
+5 Magic Resistance
+7-10 Fire
+5-8 Poison

Claymore #2 (Paperdoll DPS 50.7)
25.3 DPS, 1.5 speed
+3 Spirit
+8-11 Cold
+2-5 Lightning


GraysonLevel 23 Amateur WarriorStats

Health: 199 / 492
Rage: 0 / 100

Attack: 577
Defense: 293
Armor: 379

Damage: 56 - 109
DPS: 55.0

Money: 12SP 60CP


Strength: 103
Dexterity: 65
Vitality: 80
Intelligence: 39
Spirit: 28

Attribute points left: 0


Fire Resistance: 42
Cold Resistance: 17
Poison Resistance: 14
Lightning Resistance: 13
Magic Resistance: 31


Attack lvl 1
Power Strike lvl 1
Cleave lvl 2
Whirlwind lvl 1
Focus: Absorb Damage lvl 2
Focus: Deal Damage lvl 2
Focus: Rage lvl 2
Enrage lvl 1
Sword Mastery lvl 3
Retaliation lvl 1
Block lvl 1
Deflection lvl 1
Parry lvl 1
Plate Armor lvl 1
Quick Temper lvl 1
Brute strength lvl 1
Amateur lvl 1

Skill points left: 6


Copper Plate Helmet
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Plate
73 armor
+4 Intelligence
+5 Defense
+59% armor
Requires 60 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 3SP 81CP
Retail value: 26SP 55CP

Brenna's Amulet
Rarity: Set
+3 Defense
+8 Fire Resistance
+5 Cold Resistance
+9% Magic Find Chance

Brenna's Set: Brenna's Belt,
Brenna's Cap, Brenna's Mantle,
Brenna's Cuffs, Brenna's Gloves,
Brenna's Amulet, Brenna's Cloak

With 3 items:
+10 Fire Resistance

With all 7 items:
+20 Fire Resistance

Requires level 12
Sell value: 72CP
Retail value: 3SP 4CP

Copper Plate Spaulder
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Plate
26 armor
+4 Spirit
+117 Attack
+13 Fire Resistance
Requires 63 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 2SP 29CP
Retail value: 11SP 20CP

Solid Light Plate Chestpiece of Grace
Rarity: Uncommon Basic Type: Plate
104 armor
+12 Spirit
+97% armor
Requires 51 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 2SP 73CP
Retail value: 54SP 77CP

Light Chain Bracers
Rarity: Very Rare Basic Type: Mail
10 armor
+7 Strength
+7 Intelligence
+10 Defense
+10 Cold Resistance
Requires 38 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 1SP 85CP
Retail value: 8SP 61CP

Field Plate Gauntlets of Proficiency
Rarity: Common Basic Type: Plate
26 armor
+8 Dexterity
Requires 75 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 1SP 57CP
Retail value: 7SP 9CP

Light Plate Belt
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Plate
13 armor
+6 Dexterity
+11 Lightning Resistance
+11 Magic Resistance
Requires 45 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 1SP 56CP
Retail value: 7SP 5CP

Solid Field Plate Legplates
Rarity: Common Basic Type: Plate
100 armor
+110% armor
Requires 72 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 3SP 69CP
Retail value: 38SP 58CP

Mudbeard's Boots
Light Plate Boots
Rarity: Set Basic Type: Plate
27 armor
+7 Strength
+8 Fire Resistance
+12 Poison Resistance
+53% armor

Mudbeard's Set: Mudbeard's Hammer,
Mudbeard's Chestpiece, Mudbeard's Spaulder,
Mudbeard's Helmet, Mudbeard's Belt,
Mudbeard's Boots

With 3 items:
+10 Strength

With all 6 items:
+20 Strength

Requires 45 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 2SP 41CP
Retail value: 11SP 95CP

Ciglio's Silver Ring
Rarity: Set
+1 Dexterity
+2 Intelligence
+9 Magic Resistance
+13% Magic Find Chance

Ciglio's Set: Ciglio's Braided Belt,
Ciglio's Robe, Ciglio's Gold Ring,
Ciglio's Silver Ring, Ciglio's Charm

With 2 items:
+5 Intelligence

With all 5 items:
+10 Intelligence

Requires level 7
Sell value: 80CP
Retail value: 3SP 39CP

Ring of Energy
Rarity: Common
+8 Vitality
Requires level 10
Sell value: 59CP
Retail value: 2SP 47CP

Rarity: Rare
+1 Dexterity
+9 Magic Resistance
Requires level 2
Sell value: 37CP
Retail value: 1SP 52CP

Rarity: Rare
+8 Intelligence
+90 Attack
+11 Fire Resistance
Requires level 20
Sell value: 1SP 71CP
Retail value: 7SP 86CP

Sparking Giant Sword of Hoarding
Rarity: Uncommon Basic Type: Two-Handed Sword
25 to 46 Damage Speed 1.50
23.7 damage per second
+6% Find Items Chance
+3 to 5 Fire Damage
Requires 40 Strength
Requires 51 Dexterity
Requires weapon skill: Two Handed Sword
Sell value: 1SP 66CP
Retail value: 7SP 58CP

Equipment worth: 1GP 91SP 66CP
Inventory worth: 4GP 84SP 76CP

10-07-2008, 01:32 PM
What is probably happening is that damage bonuses like strength, that only apply to the physical damage, are making the first weapon ultimately be better than the other weapons.