View Full Version : FenCon V

Delilah Rehm
10-13-2008, 03:40 PM
I enjoyed FenCon V (Oct 3-5) as usual, but this one was full of fun little moments rather than having any big moments.

The big moment my first year (FenCon III) was winning the short story contest with Double Edge and then dancing for hours in a mini-club-like room with a dj and free Red Rocket drinks. Ahhh Sweet memories.

FenCon IV brought Steve Perry, author of Aliens books I love and so much more. Meeting him, getting to know him, was a huge thrill! This actually led to me following his blog and getting to be a beta reader for one of his books. He actually wanted to know what I thought of it! An amazing feeling. :)

Swinging back to the blog topic, FenCon V had great small moments. Besides the usual (meeting new people, and talking shop), I learned cool behind the scenes stuff about House from Doris Egan (one of the shows writers). I was drawn into a card game in the gaming room (first time ever) called Munchkin (western theme) which I came so close to winning!

I found out that I should query agents who take science fiction. Yes, you may be surprised because the stories in Depths of Peril are very specific to that world, but a lot of my other stuff is enough of a blend to confuse me. Im itching to pull out that half-novel I wrote last NaNo (November) and finish it. Its definitely science fiction (space travel), but not the super techy, hard SF. Its more of a survivalist adventure with a dash of horror (I like the dark) and crazy vampires.

I had a great time at the room parties. Caught up with some folks I dont see too often. The buffet in the hotel restaurant was delicious and the bars strawberry daiquiri was divine. No crazy shenanigans this year, but lots of fun moments. FenCon is by far my favorite convention.

PS I have one pic and one viable video (10 min of Whedonverse panel). I might post them sometime. Maybe. Uploading videos takes forEVER.