View Full Version : Writing and FenCon

Delilah Rehm
09-14-2007, 09:38 PM
I started the month thinking Iíd write 1000 words every day, but I didnít take into account that Iím losing all of my "me" time at night since I go to bed now. I have to get my "me" time during the day. Also lots of other stuff presses on my time during the day so Iíve readjusted this. I plan to start with writing 500 words then editing 500 words on a modern day zombie novel in an alternating pattern, then on the days I'm not too busy, work on short stories for the expansion. Yes, Iíve started my novel!!! Yay!

September Goal Ė Develop writing pattern into a steady routine.

In other news, Iíve printed cool bookmarks and ordered two t-shirts to advertise Depths of Peril while Iím at FenCon in Dallas next week! Everything seems really exciting right now. :)