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09-17-2007, 03:08 AM
This is a description of how I generally play the game in regards to diplomacy, which has been very successful for me. It normally lets me beat the pants off of worlds whose AI covenants are 5-10 levels higher than me, which leads to better reward chests. I play on normal aggressiveness, and I relentlessly pursue the highest level recruits I can find (all except my adventuring partner priest are higher level than me).

- I rely on double-teaming other covenants, or else baiting one to come to me and obliterating them after they've thrown themselves on my defenses.

- I find that having any particular friends doesn't help me because I'm planning to kill them all in the end anyway.

- Covenants' relationships with you generally degrades at a kind of slow and steady pace if you just do nothing.

- When their relationship gets low enough, they'll normally raid you. The exact threshold varies based on relative covenant power, AI covenant "traits" (e.g. aggressive, raider, their opposites), and probably other factors I'm not aware of. So far, though, I've never been raided by a covenant with 45% or higher relationship towards me.

- I keep all covenants neutral with me by selling all my stuff to whomever has the lowest relationship with me at the time. I don't pick one or two and try to build them in to friends because I want to be KING, not president of some crap council! :cool:

- Since all covenants are being kept neutral with me, they'll eventually decide to raid each other. In the meantime I'm adventuring and doing as many quests as possible to gain influence.

- The instant anyone raids anyone else, I pile on with all 5 followers. Since the AI normally only raids with 3 or so, I almost always end up doing more damage and therefore getting credit for the kill.

- To begin the pile-on, first trade with the attacking covenant and offer to declare war or raid the target in exchange for influence. I've found that sometimes I can get more for just war and other times more for offering to raid.

- After the raid, I've normally got 2x to 3x more influence than the next nearest covenant.

- Use all the crystals and taxes you're getting from the influence to buy the best defenders you can. Don't buy defenders until you're ready to lure your first sucker, because you aren't in danger of being raided (nobody dislikes you) and you don't want to reduce your tax income by paying defenders until you plan to use them.

- Now, pick a covenant (I go with the strongest first, because I want to immediately cut out my stiffest competition), and start making tons of insulting trade offers or demands. If you have to, try playing possum by false-raiding some patsy. You can also just keep adventuring and selling to all but one covenant, who will gradually get more and more upset with you, but this will normally lead to more double-team raids because I find that they don't get upset enough to make me the next target (maybe because I'm so "powerful" by then?). However aggressive you choose to be with your baiting or exploring, the goal is eventually to get them to come to you.

- Of course, you can slaughter them because you have such a huge numerical advantage in your own home.

- When they finally give up and go home wounded, take the raid to them and finish them off.

The overall idea is to keep everyone neutrally ignoring you and invite them one-by-one to their doom, on your own schedule. Making friends also leads to enemies (the neglected covenants) that occasionally do unexpected things that you're not ready for.

Best of luck!

Delilah Rehm
09-17-2007, 09:28 AM
I never thought about trading for war and raiding. *smacks head* Oh, how much influence and crystals I have lost due to not realizing this little strategy!!!

09-17-2007, 11:42 AM
Never traded for attack either.
Do they give in to your demands when you're going to attack? I usually just raid or declare war and let them come. Or make sure the last two other covenants hate each other more than I (or they fear me enough) so they fight each other, and when they're weak enough,n pick them up one after the other.

09-17-2007, 03:30 PM
Never traded for attack either.
Do they give in to your demands when you're going to attack?
Well, that's 2 separate issues, if I understand what you're asking.

- When Cov. A raids Cov. B, I trade with Cov. A and offer to declare war or raid Cov. B. Cov. A always likes the idea because of course they're already at war and raiding Cov. B, so they're not actually committing to anything, I'm just offering to help. Like I said, though, sometimes Cov. A likes it more if I just declare war on B, but don't offer to raid them (of course I immediately raid them anyway, because I want to do more damage and get credit for the kill).

- When making demands, I've found that they will give in if your Cov. power is very high compared to theirs. I don't know if it's just power or combined "rating" that matters. But to me it doesn't matter if they accept or not becuase all I'm trying to do is piss them off and provoke them into raiding me.

09-17-2007, 03:39 PM
A few other comments...

- I generally gain only 3 or so levels per game (after I'm 7+, the first few levels go much faster). This gives you an idea of how fast all this can happen. But you could choose to adventure more and kill Covenants less.

- The reason I mention this is that I've never had 2 AI Cov's create an alliance or non-aggression, or mutual defense pact with each other. I don't give them enough time to get buddy-buddy. Having said that, I used to play differently and I still have never seen 2 AI covenants like each other. Is this even possible? I think it should be, even though it would obviously add difficulty.

Delilah Rehm
09-18-2007, 08:25 AM
I've seen it happen.

09-18-2007, 11:22 AM
It is possible for the other covenants to setup trade routes and agreements with each other. It does take some time and probably happens a little less than I would like at the moment though.

09-18-2007, 01:50 PM
But to me it doesn't matter if they accept or not becuase all I'm trying to do is piss them off and provoke them into raiding me.
It's interesting because when you declare war on them, they start hating you a lot and may even start raiding soon. But if they give in, you get some nice freebies.

I also tend to level up slowly. I try to do one main quest per world but it's becoming harder because I don't really have the level to do them.