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Delilah Rehm
12-04-2008, 03:27 PM
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #2: Nessamistis the Elf

Nessamistis is one of the tall, lanky type of elves. She has long oak brown hair, often worn in a braid and aspen green eyes. Her golden-beige fine-cloth dress with a low neckline frames an intricate necklace with a sculpted hawk pendant.

Interviewer: Hello Nessamistis. What has lured you into applying for the Fantastical Creatures Reality Show?

Nessamistis: Call me Nessa. The biggest lure baiting me is the sense of adventure. Thereís no other experience around like competing on a reality show.

Interviewer: No, I guess not. But arenít you worried about vying with massive creatures who could accidentally crush you? The cyclops, the barbarian warrior or even the dwarf could accidentally injure you.

Nessamistis: Brawn isnít everything. Surviving the island will rely on strategy tremendously, and that I have in spades. Winning competitions matters some, and Iíll hold my own against any beefy creature.

Interviewer: What is your strategy?

Nessamistis: I plan to use cunning and ingenious maneuvers through the typical social bickering that comes from being confined with people one marginally knows. Basically, if I donít get placed on the sacrificial altar, I canít be voted off the island.

Interviewer: That sounds like a solid plan. But what about the competitions?

Nessamistis: I can handle endurance, agility and intellect competitions. Strength is my weakness, but it doesnít matter much if I win. That isnít where the real game is played.

Interviewer: Why should viewers pick you?

Nessamistis: Because I will play the game at a deeper level than most of the creatures applying. Itís like chess, or more to the point, like the old gladiator days- a tournament for the masses. Everyone enjoys a smart underdog outlasting the muscle-bound fools.

Delilah Rehm
12-05-2008, 04:40 PM
I think Nessa will be interesting to watch, but she is so going to get stomped by the bigger contestants!