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09-18-2007, 11:51 AM
Steven mentioned the basics of how to do this on another forum if I recall. The problem I found was the Recruits from an in-progress Demo game seemed to never transfer over nor would your "Shared Stash" Chest contents.

My young nephew having discovered I purchased the Retail game has been pretty insistent I figure out how to transfer his current Demo savegame to the Retail version completely intact. After some trial and error I found a method that works; for me at least ;)

Install your Retail version of the Depths of Peril, Run the game and enter the requested Information. Then exit to the desktop.
Do not create any characters in the Retail version yet.

The following method was used to transfer a Demo savegame consisting of 1 Character over to the Retail Version.

Run the Demo and resume your game.
- Move everything in your "Shared Stash" Chest (the one all your player characters share) to the "Player Stash" Chest.
If you do not do this you will loose it all.

- Exit the game completely

1) Look inside the folder where you installed the Depths of Peril Demo for a folder named User. Inside the folder User is the folder Chars.

2) From the folder Chars copy the 4 files with the following extensions (chr, his, map, wld)
-> Only copy those 4 files, do not copy anything else.
Example: Your character is called Korg. Copy Korg.chr, Korg.his, Korg.map, Korg.wld

3) Go to the directory where you installed the Retail version of the game and paste the 4 files you copied from step 2) above into the folder named Chars.

4) Run the Retail version of the game

5) From the menu You must Click on "Play Game"

6) Select: "New Character" and choose a class. For the name pick one that's different from your Demo Characters name. For the Covenant name I used the same one from the Demo save. (not sure if for the covenant it makes any difference)

7) The world will load with your new character. Press the Escape key and choose Save and Exit.

8) From the menu click on "Play Game"

9) In the "Select a Character" window click on the name of your Character from the Demo

10) Click OK

11) Select "Load Existing World"

12) The World you were playing in your Demo game will load

Everything should be intact. Your Recruits should be there, the guards, Bookshelf contents, Relics, and the contents of your "Player Stash" Chest. The one exception will be that your “Shared Stash” chest, the one shared by all your player characters, will be empty except for one 4 slot empty bag.

13) You should probably immediately press Escape and hit "Save and Exit".

14) Your finished. That's everything hope it worked for you as it did for me.

If you want to share your items with any other characters you create don't forget to move them back to the "Shared Stash" chest.

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09-18-2007, 12:30 PM
Thanks for the writeup Ubbax.