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12-10-2008, 02:30 PM
Starting late last week, I have been working on getting Kivi's Underworld on portals. This is always kind of weird. Most of the portals are pretty restrictive of what goes on their site, which makes a lot of sense. This means our games get rejected sometimes. Sometimes it's for very good reasons, like Depths of Peril got rejected from a bunch of the casual only sites. Yeah, that just wasn't very surprising. However, sometimes it's for just weird reasons, like DoP also got rejected because the site has a hardcore audience. Huh? Depths of Peril isn't a hardcore game? It sure doesn't have state of the art graphics, but you would think a hardcore audience would love it.

Kivi is going to face some of the same things. It would be a shame if the casual sites reject it for not being casual enough though. It's extremely easy to get into which is a big part of being a casual game. Also casual portals really need to spread out a bit, in my opinion. Right now it is almost all match 3, hidden object, and time management games. Eventually these categories are going to go out of style and if that is the only games a portal has they are going to have issues.

Anyways, it looks like we are already going to get picked up by at least a few portals. So I have been making builds for people. After doing this for a few portals for DoP, I made this process a lot easier. I made it easier to configure the game for different portals. Usually for a new portal very little of the game changes except some configuration data. Every once in a while a portal wants something different and I have to do a bit of work, but eventually it gets moved into the configuration data so that this particular change will be easy in the future.

Another strange thing about portals is logos and text. Each portal wants a logo or two and wants at least a couple text descriptions of your game. Many times this is a short description and a long description. The thing is every portal wants the logos in a different resolution and the text in different lengths. Now sometimes photoshop can just resize icons to the new size. However, going from something like 200x200 to 60x60 doesn't resize very well, so a new icon is needed. The text thing just drives me nuts. So far I have 10 descriptions of Kivi anywhere from a 45 character description up to our full blurb which is a bit over 1400 characters. Rewriting text this many times tends to make my brain go numb.

Since I mostly talked about some negative aspects of portals. I'll end with a few positives. Despite my ramblings, working with portals has been good. Most of the portals we have worked with have been very nice. This big thing about portals of course is that they help us get much larger distribution than we do by ourselves. More people buying and playing our games is good. :)

12-14-2008, 01:55 PM
Portals are a good idea since they increase exposure and sales.

But please never go to only portals due to the online activation requirements. If they go belly up, and I get a new computer, I am out of luck.

12-14-2008, 05:39 PM
Anything can happen, which is why I try not to use the words always or never very often, but I really can't imagine not selling our own version.