View Full Version : Sneak Peek #11: Eadric the Barbarian Warrior

Delilah Rehm
12-18-2008, 03:06 PM
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #11: Eadric the Barbarian Warrior

Eadric is from the Depths of Peril world of Aleria. Sky blue eyes peer from a silver helm. Long wheat blonde hair flows over the shoulders of Eadricís chain mail. He rests his broad hand comfortably on the hilt of the large sword strapped to his side.

Interviewer: Youíre the third potential barbarian contest Iíve interviewed. Why do you think this game is so popular with barbarians?

Eadric: I donít know that itís more popular with barbarians than other races, just that more barbarians made the cut to the final round. That doesnít surprise me. Barbarians are very good at competitions about survival.

Interviewer: Sounds like youíll have an edge on the island. Are you worried that youíll be seen as a strong player by the other contestants?

Eadric: Worried? No. Why wouldnít they see me that way?

Interviewer: But donít you worry that theyíll choose you to be voted off the island because you are strong?

Eadric: The winners choose who will be voted off. Iíll be on the winning team, so no, Iím not worried at all.

Interviewer: Is there any kind of event that you would find troublesome?

Eadric: I havenít really considered it. I guess maybe something where Iíd have to be small. Or tiny spiders. Give me giant spiders any day, Iíll split them in half, but tiny spiders give me the creeps.

Interviewer: There are many contestants vying for a spot on the show. Why should you be chosen for the island?

Eadric: Because Iím the best and Iíll prove it on the island. It is my hope that all of the contestants who make it will be strong competitors and give me a true challenge.