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Delilah Rehm
09-20-2007, 03:00 PM
It was this day last year, the Thursday before FenCon (http://www.fencon.org/), that I learned Double Edge (http://www.soldak.com/content/view/50/51/)won the FenCon III Short Story Contest (http://www.fencon.org/2006/index.html). I was ecstatic! The glorious feeling stayed with me through the weekend, and I randomly wondered if this really was my life. I love this story so much, it meant everything to me to get this kind of recognition. :)

How things have changed! This year, Depths of Peril (http://www.soldak.com/)is released for public consumption. Lots of people love it, and I've received good feedback about my stories in the game. Tomorrow when I go to FenCon, I'll be wearing a Depths of Peril t-shirt. I'll leave Depths of Peril bookmarks on the freebie tables. I'm excited to have something to market, something that I helped breath life into. The Depths of Peril world is very much a part of me.

Garrip is a mini-boss who isn't on the website yet, but I absolutely love the blurb about him (you can read it in the game). I've extended the blurb into flash fiction that will appear in a chapbook given away Saturday night at the NTSFW (http://www.ntsfw.com/index.html) room party, for as long as they last... If you can't pick up a copy, don't worry! The story will be in the expansion.

If you're in Dallas, come to FenCon and see me! I'd love to meet you. :)

Delilah Rehm
09-22-2007, 03:08 AM
btw... I'm not on any panels, so to find me Saturday, look for the girl in a red halter top and jeans standing near Black Canary. Sunday I'll be in a white tank top the Depths of Peril on the back.