View Full Version : Kivi networking update 3

02-20-2009, 11:44 AM
Let's see what has changed since my last update. I have done lots of tax stuff. I set up a new computer which I really, really needed, but I'm not sure I can afford. I worked on and released a beta Depths of Peril 1.014 patch and a beta Kivi's Underworld 1.002 patch. I also worked on some Google adwords and analytics stuff.

Oh, yeah and I did manage to fit a little bit of networking work in there, but not much. :( You can now locally find servers and join them (no hardcoded stuff anymore). Everything seems to function correctly now and the game can even handle losing certain messages.

Now I'm working on bringing down the message lengths to something that is reasonable. The message lengths started around 8000 bytes per message and I'm down to 6000 or so after changing the code to actually only use the bits needed. Like a bool no longer takes 32 bits, it's down to 1 bit like it should be. I'm actually surprised this is such a big drop in bytes. It was just a step I needed to do for the next thing.

Now I'm working on delta compression, which is where things start getting complicated. Well I guess it's not really complicated exactly. There are just a lot of smaller steps that all have to be completed before anything works again.