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02-22-2009, 09:16 PM
Forgot to mention this when I played the beta.

Hmm. So. Urok the ice-storming mage is a game breaker:

Easy to obtain, AoE attack gives massive combo bonuses.

I held off commenting until I'd seen all of the rest of the playable classes - got 75% of them, simply put: AoE ice storm is so much better than anything else, its depressing.

Unlocked all of the points chars - all worthless compared to AoE; Fire, lightning mages - worse. [fire has a single target DoT >.< ]

With Urok, I can't not get a gold award, really.

As I said, I should have flagged this up on the beta, but I assumed it would have been fixed. Urok is hands down just a cheat-char, and makes the entire game a cake-walk. Sadly, it also makes all the other chars pointless [yay! I have unlocked a 200,000k mage having only completed 11 levels.. wait, worse than Urok].

Note to myself, and Shadow - that's a game breaker; I don't feel any incentive to actually go for the unlockable chars, since even the bonus ones aren't any use compared to Urok. With DoP and now Kivi, I think AoE needs a slight re-think; its too easy to spam death from above. In DoP, the problem was massively under-powered AoE attacks [mages = suck, stupidly low DPS compared to other chars]... in Kivi, its the exact opposite.

Ho-hum. Although I know I don't have to use Urok, Kivi is a coffee break game - and spamming ice storm [power 9] on level 13 is the fastest way to get through it.

02-23-2009, 09:26 AM
The sad thing is that all of the AoE classes had many passes where they were weakened. I'll take a look at them again. Resist the urge to take the easy path and play a different character. :)

02-23-2009, 11:19 AM
If Urok was the ultimate reward char [i.e. 200k points] instead of being easily obtainable early on, I think the game would be paced out better. e.g. You would tinker around with all of the chars available to see which suited you better. Then, once you'd got your gold awards and points, you'd have access to an AoE spam of Dooooooom [tm].

Perhaps swap him for the flame mage? [single DoT isn't all that great; maybe it is later on?]


I also realise that this is way after going gold, so apologies & I don't expect changes. Note to self: suggest this stuff during beta, not after final release >.<