View Full Version : Sci Fi channel is dying

03-17-2009, 01:58 PM
They might not know it yet, but the Sci Fi channel is dying. They just announced that they are changing the name to Syfy (http://www.tvweek.com/news/2009/03/sci_fi_channel_aims_to_shed_ge.php).

Here's a fun quote from the article: “The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular,” said TV historian Tim Brooks.

So insulting your niche audience and changing your name to something stupid is a positive step? This is an early April fool's day joke, right?

Get rid of good Sci Fi shows (Stargate & Battlestar Galactica), check. Don't add any new interesting Sci Fi shows, check. Add shows that aren't even remotely interesting to your core audience like wrestling, check. Piss off core audience, check. Change station name to something stupid, check. Just another crappy TV station, check.

Apparently it's not a joke.