View Full Version : Kivi multiplayer done

06-16-2009, 11:50 AM
So multiplayer for Kivi's Underworld is finally done. :) Unfortunately it took way longer than I thought it would. I was hoping it would only take around 2 months or so since the engine already had a server/client division. This did help a lot. The biggest obstacle ended up being the master server. That was a big chunk of extra time I wasn't planning for (I blogged about that here (http://www.soldak.com/Blogs/Steven/Master-server-choices.html)). It's done now though and having our own master server should be nice in the long run.

I went with a very co-op direction with it which I think suits Kivi's Underworld very well since it is a fairly casual game. I had a lot of fun playing with various family members. I can play a co-op game with my 7 year old daughter, where as a competition type game doesn't work so well. Right now I'm thinking I might stick with the co-op direction for our next game.

Overall I think the technology works fairly well. It's pretty easy for me to work with and I can add new fields fairly easily. We will see if it holds up under real live playing though.

The really nice part of doing multiplayer for Kivi is now we have a working multiplayer code base. Future games are much more likely to contain multiplayer. Actually for our next game, I'm going to try to test in multiplayer with the family as much as possible. Not only will I get lots of testing for the game, but it should be a lot of family fun time. :)