View Full Version : Feature Request: Single Character Mode

08-23-2009, 05:40 AM
I don't know if there's any plans to develop Kivi any further, now that the multiplayer expansion has been released and a new game is being worked on, but I'd love to see a Single Character Mode - where you can pick one of the characters and play through the whole game with it.

I know that unlocking characters is a central part of the gameplay, as is the relatively small level of customisation - which I warmed to once I realised that it wasn't what Kivi was about. Still, once a character has been unlocked it would be nice if they stayed unlocked for subsequent games / difficulty levels. That way I could choose to play the assassin or the enchantress (my favourite character idea) from the very start. As it stands, the assassin isn't used as well as he could be because he appears so late in the game... And although the customisation level is low, selecting a single character would allow for a few more possibilities.

I realise that it wouldn't be as simple as leaving all unlocked characters as unlocked, since many are met in the game itself, and going on a quest to rescue yourself would be absurd. So may be some secondary name could be used in that case... I'm sure there's plenty of other little kinks that would be straightened out, but I really feel that this would greatly increase re-playability. Right now all I can do is try the game on a higher difficulty setting and try to find all those (super) secrets. Fine. But if I could start off as the enchantress I'd be playing right now.

08-24-2009, 04:48 PM
You could make a mod that did that fairly easily. You would just need to change the character unlocks in the file Database/unlock.gdb (which is in one of the zip files).