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11-12-2009, 12:12 PM
I finally decided to make a forum for other RPGs so we could talk about them without polluting the other forums with unrelated stuff. So if you guys want to talk about any other RPGs, this is the forum for it. I would guess at this exact moment a lot of you are playing Torchlight or Dragon Age.

11-14-2009, 03:04 AM
Cool, I'll get the ball rolling.

I'm playing Torchlight at the moment. I really enjoyed FATE and Torchlight just seems a natural progression from that.

It won't last long on the hard drive, but it looks awesome and plays very smoothly. The real lack of innovation and new concepts severely limits the longevity, but it feels like a very refined hack 'n' slash that just seems to do everything it does so very well.

The random maps are a little repetitive, and think that's because there are just not enough blocks and the ones that are present can only fit together in certain ways. I find a lot of levels follow the same basic shape, and that was a bit disappointing. The quasi-3D effects are really cool though, and sometimes the bits of the dungeon that you can see from high up on gantryways that I thought were just eye candy can actually be reached.

Those ARPG players that like "the grind" without too much emphasis on plot might like it. I personally prefer action RPG's over narrative driven games, and maybe that's why I'm quick to defend Torchlight from the tirades of criticism that it's copped over the last few weeks. I don't think it's ever pretended to be something that it isn't, and at $20 you really can't go wrong.

As a dungeon crawl that you can jump into every now and then play for 40 minutes and then go on to something else it fits the bill very nicely. I don't think it will get much playtime once Din's is released, so I'm trying to get my hard/hardcore battlemage through the main storyline before the Din's beta/pre-order starts!

11-14-2009, 01:32 PM
Now that the editor is out and about, I expect much "meat" to be added to Torchlight over the coming months---not to mention TC efforts by a few different groups already underway to extend Roguelike and turn based sensibilities to it. I have my own plans to mess about with it, but moreso in conjunction with a certain other game that hews closer to the Roguelike roots than Torchlight but came out unnoticed a few years back.

In the immediate future, I hope the releases for King's Bounty: Armored Princess, Solium Infernum, and King Arthur: the RolePlaying Wargame are met with success and much enjoyment. More details/progress on Dungeon Delvers would be fantastic too, though I suspect the long awaited version 2.6 massive overhaul of Runesword II will land first.

11-15-2009, 07:54 AM
I have really been enjoying Torchlight at the moment. Just completed the game with a titan-destroyer on normal and retired that character after checking out the shadow vault and started anew with a vanquisher on hard which I have yet to decide if I want to go the marksman or rogue route with her. I like the fact that the shadow vault is accessible to the vanquisher right from the beginning after retiring my previous character, thought that was a nice touch.

I know it's been said a million times but Runic really followed the Diablo formula to a tee especially the later depths like the black palace levels which felt exactly like diablo's inner sanctum mixed with the arcane sanctuary including monsters rushing the player everywhere on the map and Ordrak himself which made me cackle in delight when I first saw him lumbering towards me. The only non-diablo and headache inducing part of toon-diablo was his insane spamming of monsters which got old after the first 50 times he sent his army of minions after my poor destroyer, thank goodness for level 10 seismic burst and a healthy supply of grand mana potions.

Overall I found the game to be one of the best purchases I made in quite a while and was really impressed with the amount of environments I encountered on the way. The only downside for me were the black palace levels and the lair where it was just one blitzkrieg of monsters after another against my character which annoyed me just as much as hell in Diablo II did. For the most part I did not mind the similarities to Diablo since it was obvious that was what the guys and gals over at Runic were going for, and if your going to pay tribute you should do it well and I think they pulled it off just fine.

11-15-2009, 01:16 PM
Yep, though they have an easier time paying tribute than most since for much of the staff it was mainly revisiting their old tricks from when they worked on Diablo, FATE, Mythos, etc. Aside from seemingly excellent tools and drive, that had to factor in heavily as to how they managed the game within a matter of months with a relatively small team.

11-21-2009, 05:06 PM
Agreed. Runic certainly has a lot of experience with those previous releases and it's a shame Mythos never saw the light of day. Still a little miffed that Flagship Studio's went under, I was looking forward to Mythos since I was never part of the beta. I hope Torchlight has better success on the RPG-MMO-Hack&Slash front than Hellgate London, which I enjoyed despite some stupid design decisions. A bunch of issues at release mixed with the bad press and some bad decisions killed it dead before version 2.0.

One game you mentioned Runesword kinda rings a bell. I remember a couple of PC's ago, had to be more than five years ago , I downloaded this game demo that was a RPG construction set and I think it may have been the original Runesword. I will probably wiki Runesword and find out if that is the game I was thinking of. King's Bounty and King Arthur I will probably check out later next year once I get a machine that would be able to run those two. I read a lot of favorable things about the first King's Bounty and I loved playing the original on my old Amiga years ago.

11-22-2009, 09:40 AM
Here's where it all happens, the ongoing superupgrade of 2.6 for Runesword 2, the last greatest version of the original Runesword, and the slow going, but excellent premise, to Dungeon Delvers which Din's Curse originally struck similar cords with me.


12-20-2009, 06:13 AM
I'm actually playing this indie MMORPG called Darkwind right now. It's like a turn-based car racing/combat game, in the veins of Car Wars and it's PC counterpart Autoduel. It's gameplay is a cross between Interstate 76 and Fallout.


By the way getter thanks for recommending Runesword. Looks interesting, checking it out now.

12-22-2009, 11:00 PM
The big 2.6(.1) of Rune Sword II has touched down, but it'll be another chunk of days/week or so to get the descriptions/blurbs accurately updated considering they are years old at this point I think with the holidays and all.

Old package filesize was around 20 MB...latest and greatest around 100 MB for but one of surely many changes.

Tis alive! http://www.runesword.com/index.html

03-12-2010, 07:14 PM
Wow. I REALLY need to download Runesword II (again). I haven't played in in a few years thanks to a hard drive crash 2 PC's ago that wiped out something like 90-100 games (argh!), game saves and notes (among other things). The new updates sound awesome.

I recently tried the demo of Avernum VI, which is pretty darn good overall. I wish there was a zoom button, though. Playing scaled all the way back on the highest resolution makes my eyeballs poke into my glasses after a few hours!

I found Torchlight to be a ton of fun as it was and given that Runic has big plans for the game in the future, the fact that the game isn't as thrilling as some folks wanted it to be isn't an issue in my book. Loved the art style,simplicity (heck, it IS made for a wider user base and like FATE, needs to be easier so anyone can hop in and play). Some of the mods are quite interesting and yup, add a lot of challenge. I'm not too big on MMO's these days ( I think Wizard 101 was the last one I played for any length of time - fun stuff), but I have a few friends doing the WoW, FreeRealms, D & D Online and such, so I hear all about their exploits. It's amazing to me that there are so many online games jockeying for dollars these days. Well, a chunk of them are free to play (or headed that way), but someone's making money on micro-transactions somewhere...

I should really post a picture or link to my current PC games collection which is comprised of classics, oddball European stuff (Hard to Be A God, The Fifth Disciple, Vampire World: Port of Death, etc.), some adventure games and a bunch of press stuff I've gotten over the years of writing about games. The console stuff is too much to photograph the moment (something like 2000+ games), but I'm selling a few things off here and there to make room.

I took a few pics about a month or so ago for my Facebook page, but I've added to the stack since. Now is only there was a nice deluxe boxed or DVD case version of Depths of Peril/Kivi's Underworld with a Din's Curse Demo on the disc and a pretty art book to add to the collection (wishful thinking department)...;)

03-13-2010, 08:56 AM
Be sure to hunt around the forum a tad on Runesword 2 as there's something of a fixpatch they've rigged up to hotfix various troubling bits that slipped through---I would presume at some point, maybe when a tad more to it volume wise, they'll just outright make that .2

03-13-2010, 08:53 PM
Be sure to hunt around the forum a tad on Runesword 2 as there's something of a fixpatch they've rigged up to hotfix various troubling bits that slipped through---I would presume at some point, maybe when a tad more to it volume wise, they'll just outright make that .2

Will do! I checked the boards at Crosscut about a week or two back and I was wondering why so many folks were downloading Version 1.50 when the new one was out. i guess some preferred the older version for whatever reasons. I may wait a little while to get the latest version until the last few bugs are stomped.

...although, is something like this project ever going to be truly complete? I'd hope so (for the game's sake, lol).

I used to work with a guy who was never satisfied with his art - he kept fixing and fixing stuff, sometimes even contacting folks who bought his old stuff so he could go see it and maybe add elements he didn't have time to. Amusingly enough, he was turned down by some buyers because hell, they liked what he did and didn't want it touched, despite the work being free of charge!