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02-05-2010, 02:38 AM
Played multiplayer, direct connect (no pw) with two clients. Ping ~30

client1: winXP, E6700, 2gig, 9800GTX (warrior) (me!)
client2: VistaUlt, Q6600, 4gig, 8800GTX (weaponmaster/healer)

Ok, pretty much a brainstorm. There really is a lot to fix and improve upon, but im glad I could play early.

Chat scrolls the wrong way and after hours and hours its still confusing. With so many WoW conventions put to use surely the chat was a big oversight.

Melee auto attack toggle would be good. In wow you'd hit TAB to cycle targets at it would engage the next one, right? ATM we're mostly holding down leftmouse and spamming whirlwind as it seems to be lessening the CD on the weapon swings. AT the same time things would be a little hard without this ability and we'd probably reroll AOE casters. Good armor isnt much use VS nagas poison, for eg. and we have to get right in there to damage, the caster just runs away shooting aoes... Is there any point to getting more than one active move when there is no cooldown on the one you have?

Perhaps some synergies? whirlwind, for eg, could get 2% more damage per level of power strike. (see diablo2 post 1.08 for how they implemented such an idea) Id say the balance is pretty messy still so theres room for this massive improvement.

Taking that a little farther with hybrid in mind, there should be cross class synergies... Say you roll a sorc/priest... sorc has mainly lightning moves but his lightning synergy doesnt effect priests lightning bolt spell or archers lightning arrow, etc. Why not?! Synergies = builds. I never played NWN2 but i sure rolled a lot of characters. (Also, what happens if you roll a weaponmaster/pally and get mace spec on both?)
You want to add crossclass synergies everywhere you can and really get people thinking about great build ideas. ATM it seems like xxxx/healer is the way to go... prayer for 25mp5 for 1 point? and heals? sure, ill take that over armor i cant wear, weapons i cant use, etc, etc. Maybe some skills to swap stats around like in dragonage with the arcane warrior mage specialisation letting you use Magic in place of STR rolls... Then you could have a defender/magic class and use plate without having to lose potential class related drops by not having enough int cos he pumped STR for his plate.

We've had two times where the world was unfinishable. The first I had a moment of lag almost like a DC so i relogged and we continued... But the world would never win. As a result of this, assuming it was a quest mix up, for the following game clent2 was in charge of collecting the quests and client1 just left them be.

The second was an attack on the town by a fireelemental and a dim. gate in town. The attack sound+icon would never go away, so we just had to kill the world. Its an annoying sound. Is it from Hinterlands? hmm

Id also like a fraction more zoom level outward and more light by default. With my sorc/healer I find im zapping the first guy with chainlightning and the rest of the bolt is off in the fog doing its thing. Id like to SEE the battle, rather than my tactical advantage of staying the hell away is making the game less fun.

Summons! Useless. My dreams of becoming a lich didn't live past level6. Not only do they seem to wander around not attacking, or getting pwned from creatures +1 levels on them, but on one occasion we actually got trapped by them in a narrow corridor and had to remake the game. Which reminds me, Evil Pot that summons a friendly creature? You can click it for another creature as many times as you can before it vanishes. Then they all trap you in a narrow corridor and you have to remake again! =) Perhaps just disabling collisions on summons would suffice?

Also, once we found 4 items off a set off one guy... Marduks set, i think? cloth. Well we were about level 8 and the requirement on this stuff was 72, 68, etc. So it seems odd... no idea about triggers or who exactly it was. But it WAS fun. More 4/5 part drops please. The only game that actually lets you get a full set is Divinity 2. I mean, by the time ive found the full newby lightblue set theres better normal items around. Sacred2 tried to battle this one by having all quests drop set item rewards... But sacred2 was AWFUL, so....

I really wish i'd been keeping a list as I played, but thats all i can think of off the top of my head. Perhaps i'll return with more should such action be of advantage.

thanks for reading, sorry for lack of proofreading/editing. =)

02-05-2010, 10:52 AM
Chat scrolls the wrong way and after hours and hours its still confusing. With so many WoW conventions put to use surely the chat was a big oversight.

Lots of good stuff in here. I for the life of me can't remember how WoW chat works. Can you remind me?

02-06-2010, 01:43 AM
You really can't remember? I thought you were a huge wow fan just from the bag setup. =)

New lines just appear at the bottom of the chatbox pushing other text upward.

Ok, i've got a couple of very messy things I scribbled down....

-Save the last used IP in Direct IP for the next reload.
-For internet games show people browsing for games. (so if theres no games you can at least see theres someone looking for one)

-Dual wielding! straight up rogues using daggers only get 1 dagger and no shield. Would raise the coolness factor tenfold having this for assassin and gladiator for eg. Really consider this one people love it.

-Power strike not scaling past rank 1? appears to be doing the same damage at least VS cavein rocks, according to my friend.

-shoulder armor graphics would be really good.
-cape graphics would also be cool.

-sorcerer shockwave doesnt freeze anyone like the tooltip suggests.

-When a casttime is in action dont let it be canceled by another spell. Rather queue the next one pressed for immediate use after. Ive canceled too many spells trying to chain them all in a row. Other noncaster actions like movement can cancel spells though.

-Durability % on items should be a "material" like crystal or ego because its a really lowsy stat thats a waste of a good stat slot that could be hitpoints or stats or something that actually makes you more powerful.... But high quality items that rarely break is alright for roleplay sake.

-update casttime in the tooltips in relation to whatever -% casttime items youre wearing. (eg casttime: 1 with -20% would be 0.8)
-And more updates in relation to gear whereever possible

-Mana Regen bonus for several caster classes gives "0.0 x int" according to the tooltip. Thats not very much =)

-Weapon particles remain on if you drop your weapon directly from being equiped to the ground in multiplayer.

-A thief stole 4 items from town but when we killed him he didnt have the items.

-greater zoom scale

Delilah Rehm
02-06-2010, 09:25 AM
We played WOW for... I want to say 8 months, that includes the beta, so yeah... it's been a looong time. :D

02-06-2010, 09:42 AM
Yeah, like Delilah said we did play WoW for a good while, but it's been nearly 5 years since we played last.

02-06-2010, 11:58 PM
I think everyone played wow for a while. In my experience most of the "cool people" never made it to level 40 before they quit. I did make it to level 80, myself, but no longer play. Still, I've learned a lot from watching its development and what they do every patch, why...

Kinda forgot i was going to keep track of issues but I have a couple...

Firstly, something NOT to change.... Don't implement xp penalties in relation to levels. (either player vs much higher level monsters or when two players are playing online but far apart in levels.)
If I always had to fight monsters within 3 levels of my own id get bored very fast. Yesterday my friend and I had a lot of fun (and trouble) doing a world +20 levels on our own. Quite a challenge indeed. Also, my friend rerolled to level 1 when i was about 15. Had they been forced to play single player to level 15 before we could group again they'd have been very frustrated.

I mean since theres no subscription fee we can do without artificial game time created with tediously slow progression and just take its chat. =)


- fell through the ground between two walls. Exiting and reentering the world unstuck me. Who knows where but I was free (and seconds away from dying)

-exploding arrow does nothing?

-If you hover over the other players set items it shows the total parts YOU have of that set equipped.

02-08-2010, 01:37 AM
tricksters Evasion skill is def+dodge, not def+evasion like the tooltip says

sword mastery doesn't change your damage in the stat screen, does it actually work?

XP debt bar is all messed up

weighting on moves is all wrong... why is the final tier lightning move worth 8 points for 15-30 damage when thats the damage a tier1 skill does? how have you come up with these values? Why isn't everything just 1 point with 1 point a level?

warrior can't solo without a massive, massive cost in potions and food. I can play +20 levels with a caster but die constantly WITH twink gear as a warrior.... Two things are missing that every warrior needs. a Charge attack to close the distance quickly (edit:becoming immune to elemental/poison) and some vampiric regeneration! health steal attacks. Id say this should be a weapon stat bonus.

02-08-2010, 02:03 AM
Do you have the patch? I think it fixes some of those.

As for the weighting on some powers... sometimes there are deeper reasons for the costs you pay. For example, since powers increase in cost by one with every rank, and since the number of skill points you get per level goes up over time, eventually you will be making a decision between buying one rank in your favorite skill, or four ranks in some other skill. Other times skills start out kind of lame, but grow exponentially, meaning that an early high cost is necessary to stop them from getting out of hand.

In regards to that lightning spell, it fires multiple little bolts. Each rank increases the number of bolts by 1. Each bolt does the damage listed. This means that it actually increases in damage exponentially. If it cost the same as the basic lightning bolt spell, it would be enormously better after five or six ranks.

02-08-2010, 09:34 AM
tricksters Evasion skill is def+dodge, not def+evasion like the tooltip says

sword mastery doesn't change your damage in the stat screen, does it actually work?

These should be fixed in 0.901.