View Full Version : A day of playing

02-05-2010, 03:44 PM
I downloaded the beta yesterday. This is my 1st Soldak game, and I am really pleased with how much fun I am having with Din's Curse.
I made a Warlock/Archer. I figured I would tank the monsters with a summoned creature while I fired arrows from a distance.

The 1st world I played, I pretty much failed all quests that had any time constraint to them to all. I'm sure I was slow because I was getting used to the mechanics of the game, so I'm not sure there wasn't enough time. I saved the town, so I guess I did ok.

The 2nd world I played was a bit tougher. I thought I was doing ok, but then as assassin hit the town. I was on a new level where I hadn't found the gateway yet. I immediately tried to return to town, but by the time I backtracked to the previous level, made it to the gateway, and teleported to town, the game ended about 2 seconds later with the town in ruins. Maybe I was just unlucky?