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02-05-2010, 04:01 PM
I decided to put my feedback in separated and organized post.

I became interested in Dins Curse because i am big fan of roguelike games. And i expected it to be a very advanced 3D roguelike. Same reason why I purchased "Torchlight" from Runic games. I never played DOP, neither Kiwi.

So far I am very impressed with DC. Much more than with Torchlight (which is made by some of the people that started 3D roguelikes (original Diablo))

On to the game

- Summoned pet AI.
Right now summoned pets seem to be to passive. There should be some way to direct them to attack chosen enemy. Or at least make their behavior toggleable between aggressive and defensive.

- Town attack.
They happen with little warning. And sometimes there is no way to return to town quickly enough. Resulting either in lost game or dead vendors.Some early warning would be welcome.

-On graphic note it would be nice to see some random props in dungeons: tables, chairs...whatever to make them seem more living and atmospheric.

Ill keep this updated as i play...
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