View Full Version : Big loot chest at endgame.

10-20-2007, 10:24 AM
Recently I have been setting up games with opposition covenants at up to 5 levels above my starting level but keeping the enemy aggression at easy. I still lose the odd game (which keeps thing interesting), but win often enough so that the game doesn't feel frustrating. Coming from behind using a combination of diplomacy and force to win seems to be the most enjoyable way to play for me.

Generally, I'll pick one (very occasionally two) covenants to ally with and most of my wins are diplomatic wins with me being the strongest of the allied winners.

I understand that if I am not the strongest covenant in the alliance at the end of the game, the win is only counted as a partial win and the loot in the chest is either less plentiful or less valuable. This makes sense, although I have never had one of those partial wins.

I am keen to know what the factors are that decide how much and what quality of loot is generated in the chest at the endgame. Does it depend soley on my charcters level? The number and initial relative starting strength of opposition covenants? Do you get better loot for destroying all the other covenants or is a Diplomatic win worth as much as a Domination win?

10-20-2007, 11:39 AM
Well there are 3 types of reward chests - small, medium, and large. As they get larger they contain more items of course, but the large reward chest also has a better chance of magic items than the other two.

If you only get a partial win (alliance win but not most powerful) you only get a medium chest. In any other win, you get the large chest.

The actual level of the chest is set to the highest enemy covenant level + 4. So in general, the better your enemies, the better the loot.

The only impact allies have (assuming you get the full win) is that you don't get a small reward chest like you would if you had destroyed them.