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02-10-2010, 03:50 AM
I have the skill that turns you into a LICH at the moment all it does is make your character look like his turned to stone - Has this transformation been implemented yet or are you supposed to look like that - it would be way cooler if your character indeed was a Lich floating around the levels killin stuff.

http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/9411/ss0001.th.jpg (http://img96.imageshack.us/i/ss0001.jpg/)

Also the town was attacked by a level 12 monster (I'm level 10) he was near impossible to kill and town was lost because of this - I died several times fighting this monster and now that I started a new town I have an XP Dept of close to 11k - this is unfair because I have no way of recovering this Dept.

Looking at the image below - what seems to be a lamp (light was coming from it) suspended in mid air - you put mouse over it and shows as Small Chest

http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/1/ss0004.th.jpg (http://img38.imageshack.us/i/ss0004.jpg/)

Can export to Vbulletin & Html be saved in numerical order so you can compare files at later date if wish.

Can you make the Necromancer's Minion stop destroying Evil pools,lifestones etc etc - crates,box's,webs & chests etc are o.k but half the time you don't get to use those vital stones because your minion has destroyed them :(

Is it possible to get the Attack position on the Map screen (pressing M) when the town is under attack for quick location of where Town is being attacked.

Yeah sorry but when the town is Attacked by a mob like Nightbringer and you cannot even get close to attack not that it woulda done any good anyway is to the EXTREME Ridiculous :( 5 min in town and LOST

02-10-2010, 07:05 AM
MordorLevel 17 Defender / NecromancerStats

Health: 191 / 191
Mana: 96 / 96

Attack: 332
Defense: 208
Armor: 138

Damage: 15 - 31
Dps: 21.9

Reputation Level: 3

Money: 2GP 58SP 87CP


Strength: 35
Dexterity: 38
Vitality: 28
Intelligence: 21
Spirit: 23

Points Left: 0


Fire Resistance: 24
Cold Resistance: 24
Poison Resistance: 2
Lightning Resistance: 6
Magic Resistance: 18


Gut lvl 1
Blocking lvl 2
Parry lvl 1
Shield Mastery lvl 2
Blight lvl 6
Raise Dead lvl 1
Lich lvl 1

Points Left: 1


Soft Leather Cap
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Leather
Durability 16 / 25
22 armor
+26% Find Extra Money
+49% armor
1.8% chance to cast level 1 Weakness when hit
Requires level 12
Requires armor skill: Leather
Sell value: 1SP 94CP
Retail value: 19SP 30CP

Buckskin Shoulders (Ego)
Rarity: Very Rare Basic Type: Leather
Durability 27 / 30
17 armor
Ego: +25% armor bonus
+5 Fire Resistance
+1 Max Stamina
+25% armor
1.6% chance to cast level 1 Weakness when hit
Requires level 12
Requires armor skill: Leather
Sell value: 1SP 28CP
Retail value: 6SP 30CP

Quilted Shawl
Rarity: Very Rare Basic Type: Cape
Durability 19 / 21
7 armor
+106 Attack
+9 Fire Resistance
+2 Perception
Requires level 8
Requires skill: Cape
Sell value: 87CP
Retail value: 4SP 11CP

Greta's Tunic
Bronze Scale Tunic
Rarity: Set Basic Type: Mail
Durability 13 / 14
23 armor
+1 Dexterity
+1 Max Health
+25% Find Extra Money
+32% armor

Greta's Set: Greta's Shoulders,
Greta's Tunic, Greta's Coif

With 2 items:
+10 Max Health

With all 3 items:
+20 Max Health

Requires 10 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 1SP 29CP
Retail value: 6SP 15CP

Ring Mail Bracers
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Mail
Durability 14 / 16
8 armor
+1 Intelligence
+44% armor
2.1% chance to cast level 1 Disease when hit
Requires 22 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 29CP
Retail value: 1SP 37CP

Soft Leather Gloves (Ego)
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Leather
Durability 10 / 13
6 armor
Ego: +25% armor bonus
+4 Lightning Resistance
+1 Max Stamina
+25% armor
Requires level 2
Requires armor skill: Leather
Sell value: 20CP
Retail value: 1SP 3CP

Kracht's Pillage
Light Chain Belt
Rarity: Artifact Basic Type: Mail
Durability 17 / 21
7 armor
+3 Defense
+1 Armor
+5 Cold Resistance
+5% Find Items Chance
+18% Magic Find Chance
Requires 20 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 58CP
Retail value: 2SP 98CP

Nequam's Greaves
Light Chain Greaves
Rarity: Artifact Basic Type: Mail
Durability 21 / 22
35 armor
+3 Dexterity
+5 Spirit
+5 Cold Resistance
+33% Find Extra Money
+85% armor
Requires 20 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 3SP 10CP
Retail value: 18SP 69CP

Jet Light Chain Boots of Fortune
Rarity: Uncommon Basic Type: Mail
Durability 19 / 21
13 armor
+11 Magic Resistance
+4% Magic Find Chance
Requires 22 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 85CP
Retail value: 3SP 98CP

Ciglio's Gold Ring
Rarity: Set
+1 Vitality
+1 Mana Regen
+8 Fire Resistance

Ciglio's Set: Ciglio's Braided Belt,
Ciglio's Robe, Ciglio's Gold Ring,
Ciglio's Silver Ring, Ciglio's Charm

With 2 items:
+5 Intelligence

With all 5 items:
+10 Intelligence

Requires level 6
Sell value: 89CP
Retail value: 3SP 82CP

Jewelry of Regeneration
Rarity: Common
+0.9 Health Regen
Requires level 2
Sell value: 1SP 17CP
Retail value: 5SP 13CP

Precise Jewelry
Rarity: Common
+82 Attack
Requires level 2
Sell value: 37CP
Retail value: 1SP 53CP

Scavenger Scourge (Ego)
Rarity: Elite Basic Type: Axe
Durability 23 / 26
12 to 22 Damage Speed 1.05
16.2 damage per second
Ego: +25% damage bonus
Ego: +200% damage to Scavengers
+20 Attack
+3 Max Health
+3 Min Damage
+3 Max Damage
+12 Cold Resistance
+42% damage
Requires 30 Strength
Requires 30 Dexterity
Requires weapon skill: Axe
Sell value: 3SP 16CP
Retail value: 24SP 94CP

Rarity: Legendary Basic Type: Shield
26 defense
+2 Strength
+2 Dexterity
+3 Spirit
+1 Defense
+10 Attack
+5 Magic Resistance
Requires level 3
Requires skill: Shield
Sell value: 1SP 31CP
Retail value: 5SP 82CP

Fun stats

Kills: 4619
Deaths: 28
Kills Per Death: 164

Gold Found: 3GP 70SP 31CP
Time Played: 8h 21m 12s
Max Damage Dealt: 96
Max Damage Taken: 122
Max Damage Dealt At Once: 275
Max Health Healed: 12800

Best Trap Disarmed: lvl 0

Strongest Monster Defeated: Klepto (Lvl 14)
Toughest Battle Won: Elite Mimic (Lvl 8) at Lvl 10
Strongest Monster Killed By: Nightbringer (Lvl 19)
Weakest Monster Killed By: Small Mud Amorph (Lvl 8)

Quests Solved: 80
Raids Offensive Won: 0 of 0
Raids Defensive Won: 0 of 0
Destroyed By Monsters: 0

Equipment Worth: 1GP 5SP 15CP
Inventory Worth: 3GP 91SP 20CP

Secrets Found: 16

Towns Saved: 2
Towns Abandoned: 1
Towns Lost: 2

Din's Curse / Soldak Entertainment (http://www.soldak.com/Dins-Curse/Overview.html)