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02-11-2010, 06:08 AM
this is my first time posting and i want to greet to you all !
Din's curse is a wonderful game and i praise Soldak (and Shadow) for the nice job.

Some osservations :

1) it is a bit disappointing that the 70% of the game assets are recycled : the major offenders are the skill tree..too similar to Depth of Peril
2)the skill trees needs some major rebalance : i toyed a bit with a defender/necro and im a bit annoyed.. the defender tree lack some decent dmg dealer and the necro tree feels underpowered. Blight IS powerful but summons arent : major gripe is the AI & speed, they dont attack the mobbing monsters but they LOVE to smash barrels and, worse, smash the lifestones and when they attack they are too slow! If i might make a suggestion, rework the Lich skill : +Hitpoint is fine but the summons needs too +speed and +atk speed, if the skill give a % dmg reduction to the summoner it will address some of the survivability issues (and some poison resist)

3) The quest system need some fine tuning : longer espiration time and proper placement... it is annoying to start a new town and see a bunch of vital quests on level 7 and 0 on first 6

4)Some invaders are too powerful : now i dont remember the name..some red ones it wiped the town (and me) in 2 minutes

5)a possible game design flaw : 70% of the neat items, such alchool barrels, flammable pools etc., arent very usable : the game is too much fast paced to use 'em , when you see those usually you are already swarmed by monsters.

I have some other suggestions but im at work and i cant play and test :)

Tl;dr : nice job Soldak, some rebalance & suggestion, greetings from a new member

P.S. Sorry for the many errors on spelling or such : im italian.