View Full Version : Game observation after hours of Multi-play.

02-11-2010, 10:54 AM
After playing through quite a few towns with a friend over Internet games, I have discovered a consistent issue. It appears that, as the client, if you are not on the same level as the host some weird things begin to happen.

- Enemy AI sight range appears to shrink to about 2-3 ft in either direction. They will not pursue you if you do not get too close.

- My character's sight is reduced to around 5-6ft. I am only able to cast ranged spells if I get very close to an enemy.

- One thing I did not notice was any lag. Regardless of the two previous issues the game still seemed to play fine.

- Please add some sort of "strong" defensive mechanic to the towns that the player can upgrade/create. The current towns people are a joke and it seems that a strong enemy can level the city in just a few seconds. At some points I had to stay up top at the town and defend while my friend continued with the quests (which was actually kinda cool, since we both got xp for everything).

Great game! The game is remarkably fun to play already and I can't wait to start modding!