View Full Version : Complaints about Liches...

02-13-2010, 12:00 PM
First up, an excerpt from the monster compendium; "Liches are uncommon". Not in my experience! These guys seem to spawn and hunt in packs. When they are paired with carrion eaters or larvae, they become completely unmanagable. I was doing quite well on a world before I ran up against a level full of these and a purple unique with thorns and regen. You can guess how that is going. :mad:

Some suggestions to reduce the chance of me throwing my PC.

1. Limit respawn of Liches to one at a time.
2. Do not allow them to resurrect fallen foes through walls! I was clearing a room and a Lich on the other side of the dungeon (but physically close) kept raising them.
3. Limit the number of times the same enemy can be resurrected.