View Full Version : Issue with Deep Wounds (Possibly..)

03-02-2010, 12:02 PM
Over the past couple days I've noticed some issues with Deep Wounds functionality.. Well possible issues at any rate.. They are:

1) Deep wounds never go off with bows.. I confirmed this with my new Hunter/Trickster character (Who is now level 16 so I've had plenty of opportunities..) I use serrated arrow mainly, which has a specific mod for deep wounds.. Still never goes off..

2) I have noticed that Deep wounds hits are not doing the stated damage, and often don't even do 100% of the initial damage, much less 200%.. (Unless this is a tooltip issue, and the TOTAL damage will end up being 200%, and not the ADDITIONAL damage..)

3) Lastly, and this one is kinda major.. If you hit a mob while you have a deep wound "ticking" on it.. It seems to cancel the deep wounds damage. (In other words, you stop dealing the deep wounds damage from the prior hit..)

4) Of course, when an enemy DW's the player.. it works perfectly fine. Cuz you know... We can't have less than 42 dots on us at any point in time. =P