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Delilah Rehm
10-29-2007, 09:07 AM
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There are a couple of people I want to bring into the light for the efforts, above and beyond regular group meetings, helped me develop my writing. And the first person isÖ

Rosemary Clement-Moore. She helped me choose among my short stories for which one to enter into the FenCon Short Story Contest that I won last year. She helped me edit the thing, and clean writing often will rise the piece to the top 10% (imo). Rosemary had already sold her first book when she befriended me. I gained a lot of valuable experience with her nearby, like sharing a trip to World Fantasy Con. I learned how to be calm and, wellÖ normal while talking to agents and editors. It was easy when I had nothing to pitch!

Rosemaryís first book is out now, Prom Dates From Hell. The cover might look a bit girly, but I promise you, it doesnít read girly. It was published young adult, but it is very entertaining and fun for all. She let me read her advanced copy, before World Fantasy Con. I was nervous and couldnít sleep (a very bad thing, pre-con), so I read the whole thing! The pacing is good. I loved it quickly, and it never let me down. The ending was awesome! I rated this book 5 out of 5, and not because sheís my friend, but because the book really is that good.

Becky Huffman doesnít have a book out yet, but itís only a matter of time. Becky took me under her wing as a noob. She nurtured me from terrible writing to understanding how it all works. This isnít always an easy task, since noobs tend to need a learning curve, a long time for some things to sink in, and itís easy to give them critiques without investing in the writer. Without Becky, I may not have gotten where I needed to be able to win the FenCon III Contest. Another cool thing about Becky is that she trains horses! Check out her site.

Gloria Oliver does have several books out (In the Service of Samurai, Vassal of El), but Iím ashamed to admit, I havenít read them yet. I canít leave without applauding her, because she went above and beyond helping me polish histories, and especially Depths of Perilís intro timeline history. That monster was tricky! Gloria knows technical writing backward and forward. She taught me a great deal.

There are others who influenced my progress, like Dan Anders who pointed me to functional writing groups (yes, there are worthless writing groups out there), and Bill Ledbetter who invited me to his experienced writing group. And probably others who I will remember after I post this! Others are thanked in the Depths of Peril manual, but with this post, I aimed at the big three, Rosemary, Becky and Gloria.