View Full Version : Quest levels

10-29-2007, 04:19 PM
I was thinking about the quests and competition and such, and I have a suggestion.

My issue is that I don't ever see an opposing covenant solve any quests. Even though they are supposed to, they don't. I think the reason is that I always play "over my head". For example, if I'm lvl 23, I play with lvl 30 covenants (or lvl 61->lvl 70 enemies). Because the quests are generated based on my character's level, I'm guessing that they are too low level for the covenants to bother with, so I don't ever see any quests get completed by other covenants (except for the very occasional recruit quest when the recruit is above my level).

Here's two possible suggestions:

- Make the quests based on a range around the enemy covenant difficulty, not the character level. If I want to play harder/easier, I would want the quests to be harder/easier as well.

- Make the possible quest levels span the entire range from char. lvl +/- X all the way to enemy covenant level +/- X. This would work both ways, using a min/max to set a pretty large range of possible quest levels.

Either way, I would hope that the other covenants would start to find some quests that they want to pursue.