View Full Version : When is It my Turn?

Delilah Rehm
10-30-2007, 09:33 AM
A year and a half ago, my brother moved to the Big Apple, New York City, with all of his worldly goods in the back of a friendís pickup. No job, just a pocket full of dreams. Heís craved out a place for himself, and loving life. Dallas is a big city, especially if you consider all of the surrounding areas, but it is nothing like New York (or so I suppose, having never been to New York).

Sometime after Christmas, my sister is planning to move to Canada. Canada! And this leaves me with the question: when is it my turn? Iíll still be stuck in Texas with summers so hot, I feel like a prisoner in my own house. My dream, you ask? I want to move to Colorado. I feel such peace in the mountains, it is like drowning in bliss. The other side of this odd little coin is that I donít do cold well. :) So I donít know how Iíd feel about a Colorado winter. It has to be better than a Texas summer, right? So what if thereís snow on the ground in March! (Did I mention Texas may have a day or two of snow, if weíre lucky?) I can put more clothes on, maximize layering, but there is only so much I can take off! Heh.

Another issue is leaving all of the friends Iíve developed here. That will be hard. And I foresee stronger bonds in the future here in the Lone Star State. My familyís lives are so firmly intertwined here, it isnít like we can pick up and leave the state in the coming summer. Itíll probably be seven plus years before we can rip out the roots, but then, will we want to? I donít know. I really like my friends. But hell! I hate Texas summers.

10-30-2007, 06:40 PM
I doubt you really care, but since you posted in a forumn, I'll post my experience with the exact same dilemma.

I'm from Phoenix (age 7-high school). I moved to SoCal for college and have been in LA/OC for 16 years now, so I've spent more time here than I did in Phoenix, and I've lost the ability to handle the super-hot summers, but I still prefer to be 100 in the sun than 40 in a parka (side note: I like that when it's hot people have to wear less...).

Anyway, I don't really fit in with the OC crowd, and recently I've been looking for somewhere to move, specifically targeting New Zealand. I visited there for a month earlier this year and it was AWESOME, but I came away with a few lingering thoughts about moving...

- There's very little there that couldn't be found in small-town USA. In other words, think about the environment you want, not the geographic location you want. The environment is almost entirely dictated by people and their overall worldview. Think about religion, money, family, "accomplishments" (a.k.a. status or bragging), openness, friendliness, etc. For me, this is all much more important than weather. My dad's side of the family is from Texas (small town, not Dallas or Houston), and my experience is that Texas is better than most places as far as people are concerned.

- Moving is a way to stimulate change in your life. I honestly don't think it will change your life by itself, but it gives you an excuse to re-invent yourself because no-one knows the "new" you yet. It's very possible to change your life without the move, but sometimes it can really help to have that artificial kick in the butt.

- The only reason not to move is your closest friends. If you can't stand not being near them, don't move. If you can deal with less contact and can stay close even without daily communication, no worries. Most of my closest friends don't live in SoCal anymore, so I personally don't have a big problem there, but with a family and such it may be a bigger deal. In any case, if you can deal with this, then move as often as possible! I envy my brothers in the military because they've lived all over the US and Europe.

As a wise philosopher once said about a tropical island: "Tourists come here looking for Romance. But baby, it's an island. There's nothing here that you didn't bring with you."

Best of luck with your deliberations, but in the overall scheme of living, I would say that weather is only a minor issue. :)