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12-10-2012, 11:41 PM
So after playing every now and then, throughout the beta and now after release, there's a few things that get on my and my littlebrother's nerves, and I've seen other posts that have had the same general theme, so I thought I would put my thoughts of the game down so far.
First of all, I love the game. I also purchased and played the heck out of Depths of Peril and Din's Curse, so that may not come as a surprise.

15:27 - Sweet! Dicey: Shared exploration between players
As it is now, parts of the game attempt to tell me that the game is two things at once. All players are Drox Operatives, and therefore assumingly allied with eachother. So when you activate a jumpgate or purchase the activation, every other player seems to get that jumpgate marked on the galaxy map as well so they too can hop there. This makes sense.

But then I can't see what my littlebrother is exploring despite the fact that we're supposed to be a band of mercenary ships working for the same purpose. This doesn't make sense and makes me think the game is trying to say that while we all are Drox Operatives, we aren't exactly allied, but there's no options to screw things up for the other players such as choosing to ally a different race and sicking them on the other player's race.

I refuse to believe that we have all this technology but we can't say to other Operatives 'Hey, there's a planet here and there, the second one is Fringe, and the starlanes are here, here, and here, and they go to these places, respectively' when we're in the same system and can actually already see them on the system's map. It just seems weird to me; Sharing your knowledge of enemy activity in the medieval times was very important. Why is this suddenly lost in the space age?

I'm not saying we actually share EVERYTHING on the map, even down to fog of war. Just the important bits, like planets, which race has colonized them and where the jumpgate and starlanes are and where they go to. If this is at all doable, one way to do it would be to have players automatically share map data when they are closeby, as in, in the same system, including what each player has explored in the rest of the sector.
This could be taken even further where you can purchase or trade for maps of systems, or find them on monsters on the offchance that they've taken out a race's ship and stolen that data.

15:27 - Sweet! Dicey: Activation of allied jumpgates for free?
This is much simpler. You are allies with the Drakk, let's say. Well, they're having Hive attacking their colonies far out from where you are. In fact, you don't even know where it is, but they're asking you for help.
But they don't lift a finger to get you there. They won't help you help them, which seems contradicting.

While being allied with a race, purchasing activation of their jumpgates in a system only they inhabit have cost as much as 600 in my experience, while at the same time I can purchase activation from a race I'm at war with for 400. Why would a race activate a gate for me when they're at war with me in the first place, and why won't an allied race activate a jumpgate for me without demanding unreasonable sums at times? At the point of an alliance I would figure they'd do such as a formality. Which opens up more exploitation options- Become allied with a race and they'll activate all the jumpgates to systems they have a colony in, free of charge, then you can declare war and hit them hard with your newfound information.

15:49 - Sweet! Dicey: Option to change size and zoom on the minimap radar thing in the upper right.
As simple as it comes. I find myself opening the map a lot to actually see where things are because the minimap isn't helping, when the minimap's there to prevent me needing to do that in the first place.

07:34 - Sweet! Dicey: Some kind of way to get rid of loot on the go, which has already been suggested.
As mentioned, this is already being discussed in a different thread here (http://www.soldak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21269), so I won't go into detail here.

07:37 - Sweet! Dicey: A way to extend the amount of fog of war you uncover of the system while exploring.
This could be some kind of item (Tied in with radars?) or perhaps tied into one of the stats. Helm, for example, where I figure pilots and commanders spend their time. When they become more highly trained, perhaps they can discern objects from greater distance, or whatever. Just brainstorming here.

And so far, that's that.

12-11-2012, 04:49 PM
I really love all of these, particularly your first and second points, which get on my nerves. I suppose in a sense it promotes staying together, but at the same time, it's a game laden with urgency in many of the quests and wars, and sometimes staying together isn't the best option.

Additionally, I can't count the number of times I had an ally getting attacked by another race or some elite monster, and I ask for the gate, and he asks for a ludicrous amount of credits. So I just slowly fly over there only to find he's lost the planet.

After I work up full-fledged alliances with these races, I expect them to cut their prices on things I want. Not only should they WANT to give me their gates for free (or inexpensively), but their goods should also be noticably cheaper than a race neutral with me. They're looking to BENEFIT me with their goods so I can benefit them in combat, and with urgent quests. Similarly, when I have some technology for sale, those allied with me should expect discounts from me, and offer me less credits for it than a neutral/more desperate race.

I just feel like there should be some more perks to go along with these alliances we work tirelessly to create and maintain aside from the 11-credit gifts I get every 20-30 minutes.

Professor Paul1290
12-12-2012, 10:32 AM
Having an alliance with a race or good relations in general does make buying gates from them a lot cheaper as far as I know.

12-12-2012, 03:34 PM
Having an alliance with a race or good relations in general does make buying gates from them a lot cheaper as far as I know.

In general, yes.
But as I've said, I've been at war with one race that offered me gate activation for 400 while at the same time an ally wanted 600 for one of their gates. I'm not just making up numbers here.

Another thing I can add to the list, please, please, -please- stop races from making ridiculous demands.
"Oh hey I see we're close to 0 relationship wise but you know I'd like it if you broke your treaty with the Drakk that you are allied and at 100 relationship with because this is totally a reasonable demand."