View Full Version : Quick and Dirty Hex Editing and Etc

12-13-2012, 02:12 AM
Not really modding since I don't know which files to change yet. But I can give you some quick tips until a better person does mods and etc for the game. These tips is what I use to get better items. But Remember to BACKUP before you attempt anything below!

Clone Items / Bags
If you don't wish to wait to get a lot of bags or any items just put whatever bags / items you have into your shared stash exit to main or close the game.

Then backup global.sav located in your game saves folder
For Windows 7/8 it should be located at
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\DroxOperative\User\chars

Restart the game take out those bags/items exit to main.
Go back to the folder replace latest global.sav with backup global.sav.
Rinse and Repeat.

Getting Bigger Bags
If you wish for bigger bags at early stage and like me either use some hex editing software or even UltraEdit (I am using this).

Look for the word Bag (Bag1 - Bag7) in either of below files

global.sav or <shipname>.chr
Both files located in your game saves folder
For Windows 7/8 should be located at
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\DroxOperative\User\chars

Change it to Bag7 which should be highest ;)

Upgrade Existing Items
For weapons and other items. What you can do is upgrade your existing items by editing them. Again check out global.sav or <shipname>.chr, personally I usually put whatever I wanted to edit in global.sav then backup just that file and modify any items in it.

When you open global.sav in Ultraedit or any Hex tools you will see some text like e.g. Shield1-1-Superior blabla you can change the numbers to e.g. Shield9-5-Superior bla bla. Some items don't go that high up. Some items like PowerPlant7-5 is max I think while EscapePod1-3 as high as it gets without crash the game. Race specific items seems to crash when I try to edit them as well.

You can also change modifiers on safe side change value to max 5 shouldn't crash anything.

Eg. WeaponMine9-5-Cheap blabla ModifierResistanceRadiation1 change it to ModifierResistanceRadiation5.

If you wish to cheat may I suggest either using ArtMoney, CheatEngine or any other game memory editing software to search the values in Integer form. If you don't know how I suggest using google and look it up.

Remember to backup before editing save games. Safe side is to always backup before editing any single value, then try run the game if it crash either change the value back or replace with backup file. If it doesn't crash then make backup again and use this as the new backup to revert back next time it crash. Let me tell you when editing the game will crash if entered wrong value (happens a lot for me).

I repeat any incorrect values WILL CRASH THE GAME!