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12-14-2012, 06:02 AM
I wonna present yet another set of feedback after playing around tens of hours of DO.

First of all: Game is avesome! No question about

However, Here are few things i've found annoying after longer play:

1. Browsing quests is too much time consuming.(most of time i spend on jumping from one nation to another) I suggest following usability improvements:
a. Ability to collect reward from main quest menu(going to race menu is to much time consuming)
b. Ability to view all available quests for current system and accept selected ones (usually i do like that when entering new system, but i need to browse each race separatly and its sooo time consuming)
c. Ability to filter what kind of quests i like to browse (or tabs with all quest from all races divided to categories). In the middle of the game i start to concetrate on quests only around choosen victory method, like gaining a legend or fear win. I need to click on all nations and browsing through quests i don't need and i won't do.
d. Ability to set automatic removal of failed quests. A message in message browser is enough for me - no need to click "remove". I wouldn't mind also an automatic rewarding for quests if it doesn't contain any items.(like crew related ones would be better to accept reward manualy)
e. Last but not least. Any chance to extend maximum quests taken a the time? Sometimes i need to jump to another planet, then come back and if there is a lot of hunting quests, it would be nice to switch between them all the time. Game would be simply more fun
f. Automatic marking of the rumors about bosses location from the map view(going to quests and clicking is so repeatable and boring). Also auto-clreance when boss is dead would be nice.

2. Automatic shield/energy/nano usage if certain value is below set %. I know its maybe taking of some fun, (so it should switchable - on/off) but for me all the fun is flying around and shooting - while some boosts i i choose to select when to use on my own, energy one for instance is a must for fight, and when im close to 10% - i use it all the time.

3. Auto Pause game - especially when trading (excluding repairs) or browsing stash. I understand that mounting device must take game time, and fot that pause can release and switch on back, when component is done istalling. Still most of the time it takes some time to makes right decision about changing components and during that time a lot of things can happen around, like half of the quests get failed. Clicking pause all the time is also a little bit annoying.

4. A more peacefull place around stash and starting point. I've found myself few times unable to start after ressurection, beacuse enemies are massed around my stash dropping me immediately (with damaged components i cannot fight or move out for nearest planet for repairs). The only way was to start new sector, sometimes leaving a lot of nice quests or blackboxes. Also browsing in stash, which is fun, couse we bulid our configurations there is interrupted very often by energy clouds or black holes, etc. It doesn't bring much of fun, and interruption in the middle of changing gear is very annoying. Again auto-pause could help a little.

5. Adjust Power overload more smoothly. Sometimes i spend a lot of time in reconfiguring all components ending up with 1000 power and beying only few points over the limit and bang! i have -20% to all regen and speed. I think its too much. The penalty should be adjusted according to scale your ship is overloaded. (like 2% penalty for each 1% of overload).
That would make building ships sooo much easier and fun.

6. I didn't manage to find a dimensional pocket with overlord yet. It's very difficult to spot them, and then check, which one has a boss. But maybe thats part of the game and luck you have.

7. When browsing and comparing two component in the inventory, would be nice to have additional info about power load after changing to new component. (if we compare to one that is equiped already)

8.I know some of players may not agree on that, but i wouldn't mind to have unlimited level cap for my ship. I like grinding, leveling up and level cap, as for, doesn't need to exists. Of course items and skills, ship limit, monster limites can stay as it is(so at some point ship got xp only from quests), but still, i like when game is infinite. It doesn't ruin the balance and experience, and for some players(like me) can be a nice to have feature.
Such players can be limited on multiplayer (system saves crew points that where set on level 100, and use it in multiplayer games, only xp would be calculated)

9. I'm missing set itmes, crafting or gambling options. I know its a classic in rpg, nothing new and revolutionary, but im missing it anyway

I love your game already, but if you implement my suggestions, i will love it even more, and buy it again!