View Full Version : Three issues I have noticed with Drox and a complaint. ;)

12-15-2012, 03:48 AM
1. I am allied with the Humans and Cortex, however they hate each other. Every so often they declare war against each other. I can just go into the relations menu and ask them to make peace with each other. For free. I don't have to offer anything, I just tell them to make peace and they do so. Oh and whoever declared war has their relations with the other increased to 50. This seems slightly unbalanced. It costs me nothing to keep two races who would love to destroy each other, from doing so. I know I am in an alliance with both, however some price should be paid.

EDIT: I'll revise the above. After forcing peace a few time for free, I now have to offer incentives. Though I still don't have to offer much.

2. Is creating rumors the only was to increase the relations between races? If so, maybe an option could be added to adjust the price or maybe the amount of times the rumor is done? It takes me quite a lot of clicking to accomplish any significant increase in relations.

3. I have found a few rare and elite items so far, however though have a few extra modifiers, they have so far all been far below my level to the point where they are just vendor trash. I was level 8 and got an elite with a requirement of 1 Engineer. At 22 I received an weapon that was equivalent to a level 12 weapon.

Playing this game and seeing all the modifiers affecting the races, technologies, items to retrieve for planets, planet production and wealth and diplomacy makes me want to play Masters of Orion. Now I know that the game isn't designed around that, however I still have my hopes that one day, just maybe, this game will add many more strategy elements/the option to build your own empire. :D

12-17-2012, 04:47 PM
For #2, there are quests here and there that will raise a race's relation with another race.