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10-31-2007, 10:29 AM
We had a new review a couple days ago over on GamerNode (http://www.gamernode.com/reviews/4852-depths-of-peril/index.html) and the reviewer brought up the point of should reviewers review indie games differently than big-budget titles? Btw, nothing below has anything to do with the GamerNode review except the question that it brought up.

Personally as a gamer I don't necessarily care if the game was developed by an indie or by a big developer/publisher. What I do care about is fun gameplay, something that is new and fresh and not the same exact game that was been published hundreds of times already, that the game has some reasonable play time, and finally the price. Overall this tells me the value I get out of any particular game.

Unfortunately this is not how games typical are reviewed. Gameplay usually isn't ignored or anything, but many times it gets fairly equal footing with graphics (and sound). I mean which is really more important, gameplay or graphics? Great gameplay with bad graphics still leaves you with a good game, but bad gameplay with great graphics is still just a bad game. I would much rather play a game with good gameplay with ok graphics or even bad graphics over a game that had ok gameplay and great graphics.

Also, usually price is completely ignored. It's not quite fair to compare a $50-$60 game to a $20-$30 game. This gets back into graphics again. The more expensive game is likely to have better graphics, but NOT necessarily better gameplay or innovation. Anyways if both games are both good games (overall the same quality gameplay), then obviously the $30 game is a better buy.

My point being I don't really care who made the game. I care how much fun I'm going to have playing the game and how much I'm going to pay for that fun. Having said that, it really seems that a bunch of indies are doing this (especially the innovation part) better than most of the rest of the industry.