View Full Version : Odd win situation

12-21-2012, 02:30 AM
From my husband.

Last night I played a sector and made it to a Legend win. After that I kept playing in that sector for a while longer, had a fight with Hive and dropped down to about 43 legend points (it was a Tiny sector). The win icon was still flashing in the corner, though, as it always does.

At that point I saved and exited, figuring I'd wait to create a new sector until next time I played.

Tonight I resumed the game, planning to go create the new sector, and found that the victory icon was gone. According to the saved game, I hadn't won yet.

I played a while, working on quests and boss monsters and such like things, and in the meantime my two allies in the sector allied with each other and eliminated the other remaining race. This would generally trigger a Diplomatic win, but instead (even though I hadn't quite made it back to 50 points yet) the Legend win was flashing...

Before I saved and exited *again*, I went ahead and created a new sector, so I'm not sure what useful information (if any) is left in the save game file. I do have a screen shot, though.