View Full Version : Alternative Module ideas

12-21-2012, 10:18 AM
Ideas for alternatives for current modules, basically variants to suit different playstyles.

Long range beams, slower fire rate but longer range.

Autocannons, short range fast fire ballistic weaponry.

Swarm missiles, fires in 3-5 at a time, smaller missiles (with missile speed boost for all missiles).

Fast recharge shields, smaller capacity, faster recharge.

Damage boost for EMP weapons. High slot based EMP weapons like the pbaoe one and the missile.

Aoe tractor/repulsor weaponry

Nano-link weaponry (drains armor off enemies, reducing theirs while reapairing yours).

Reflective shielding (once a time interval it reflects an attack at the cost of reduced regen).

Range extenders for diff weapons, speed boosts for weaponry (projectile speed).

I am sure more ideas are out there.