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07-18-2007, 05:03 PM
It's amazing how fast a small team can go :) There is so much less overhead then in a bigger company. Anyways, a lot has changed since we let a few sites preview the game.

The storyline quests are finally in. So much more of the story is actually seen in the game and it ties in a lot of the background stories. This means we have a normal quest line, a huge backstory, and a dynamic world. I think this makes for a very interesting and immersive world.

Most of the assets are done. We still have a few things that are left and probably a lot of small tweaks, but most of it is in the game and working.

And tons of things have been tweaked and changed to make the game better over the past few weeks. Most of the changes came from the team or the testers, but we even improved a bunch of things based on the previews. So we do try to listen to everyone's feedback.