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04-12-2010, 10:47 AM

I have a few characters I'm either playing (but I'm level 5 or less) or that I'm considering. Each has a skill interaction I'm curious about. I'm hoping someone (Shadow, other players, whatever) can answer how these skills work together.

(1) Does the Paladin's "Crushing Blow" passive work with Bladed weapons? I am thinking about making a Paladin/Assassin, and I'm wondering if Crushing Blow only works on blunt weapons, since the icon is a hammer. I've seen other characters land crushing blow hits with bladed weapons (I think) but I'm wondering if the increase in chance to get a crushing blow actually works with daggers and swords.

(2) For the same character combo (Paladin/Assassin) I'm curious if the Paladin's "Shield Bash", which stuns an enemy, counts as a special condition for the Assassin's "Precise Strike". Or, for that matter, does it count towards the condition for the various other Assassin skills that require that a foe is distracted?

(3) For an Archer, I'm wondering if "Bow Mastery" interacts with "Multishot" at all. In other words, does the Bow Mastery boost affect the base of the damage which Multishot is based off of? Or are these two independent to the point that they don't help each other? I'd be a lot less likely to pump both if they don't stack.

(4) I made a Trickster / Magician and I noticed that both classes have an "Evasion" skill. They give slightly different bonuses. Does it really work to pump both? In other words, do they stack? If they do, and if pumping "Dodge" from the trickster set works, this character could be quite elusive, especially with all the other diversions available in these 2 sets. Good times.

Thanks for your help! :)

04-12-2010, 11:02 AM
1. Yes.
2. Check the skill description. Does it say that it causes any sort of distraction? Is that sort of distraction used by Precise Strike? I believe the answers are yes, but haven't personally verified.
3. Does multishot do +X% damage (or -X%)? If the answer is yes, then it is based off of your weapon. If the damage is based off your weapon, then it is boosted by Mastery. I believe that the answers are yes, and that Mastery improves Multishot. That is the general pattern for other mastery skills and other special attacks.
4. Yes, you can pump both. But beware, there are diminishing returns to pumping both attack and defense. Lets say that at your level it takes you 20 points of defense to lower your chance of being hit from 40% to 35%. It will then take you more than 20 points of defense to lower your chance of being hit from 35% to 30%. Its probably still worth doing, but just be aware that this is how the math works.

04-12-2010, 11:07 AM

I believe that both mastery and multishot are percentage skills, if I recall correctly. So, hopefully they will stack.

As for stacking 2 Evasion skills and Dodge, well at least I can keep my skill point cost down, since its probably way cheaper to have 3 skills at 4 ranks each than to have 1 skill at 12 ranks.

Thanks for the response! Any other responses (confirmations or refutations) are appreciated as well!