View Full Version : How does Item Name relate to its Quality?

01-14-2013, 01:38 AM
I'm noticing a lot of variation in items' basic stats, like Power Load vs +Max Shields. These variations don't make any sense sometimes, such as when a shield has a higher Power Load, but lower +Max Shields, than another shield for the same slot type with the same requirements.

I'm wondering if the item names have anything to do with it. If so, how do you tell at a glance which is a better "brand"? I suspect that Cheap is worse than Superior, but howso? And what's the difference between a Fusion Power Plant and a Breeder Reactor?

01-14-2013, 03:36 AM
Whilst keeping it simple the best way I can describe how I think it works is, taking the Fusion Power Plant/Breeder reactor as the examples

Fusion power plants are the second 'style' of power plant (nuclear being the first), and breeders are third style. Power plants are good example in that the styles essentially only vary by picture

Each style has a level range, in this case Breeders are level 17-33, and Fusions are 30-46. You'll notice that items are classified as, for example, Fusion Power Plant I,II,III,IV,V these have specific underlying levels applied to them.

Pretty much all the stats come from the level of the item so, as you can see, there is a crossover point, basically a level V Breeder is better than a Level I Fusion.

That, is as far as I understand them, how the base items work.

I haven't looked into the item quality ( Cheap,budget,superior,excellent) stuff much, but a brief investigation means I would guess that on generation a base item has a quality applied to it, which then limits how many and what sort of bonuses it can receive.

[EDIT: on further investigation i was conflating rarity and quality, which are actually distinct. quality seems to apply a multiplier of some form to the item, 'bad' things are decreased, and 'good' things are increased. The example that brought this to my attention was missiles, they are both normal rarity, but the excellent one (vs a cheap one) has ~10% more damage and ~10% less powerload]

As far as i can tell, anecdotally from playing, the bonus are entirely random or at least mostly random, ie a power plants quality bonuses aren't particularly linked to it being a power plant. EDIT: nah, that can't be true, at least weapons seem to get weapon bonuses (critical hit) more often, so there is probably something underlying it all

Which means, to the general point of telling at a glance if something is better, that the base item is probably the only thing to go by. I'd say that the breadth of 'in item' variation doesn't really lend it self to judging things at a glance