View Full Version : The Humble Indi Bundle

05-06-2010, 03:50 PM

5 great games. SET YOUR OWN PRICE. I myself spent 20, but its all what you want to spend. You can put it towards charity, and/or the developers. Its an 80 value, and works on all platforms. Here's a run down of the games.

Lugaru - A semi-bloody kung-fu game starring a rabbit. Easy two click control scheme almost masks this game's rediculous difficulty. Very visceral fighting.

Aquaria - A sidescroller set underwater starring a lonely mer-girl. Her attuning to the 'verse' allow her to sing, and use various powers to explore the depths of the ocean.

Penumbra - A freakishly creepy, horror game involving a 30 year old man who goes up north. I'd hate to give it away, but its pretty freaky, and will give you a few shocks. Mostly a survival puzzle type game, with some light investigative elements.

World of Goo - A puzzle game involving the physics of... little... goo ball.. things. Very fun, and its mainly a puzzler, with you using the goo balls to build various structures to overcome the environment.

Gish - The only one I didn't pick up. You will have to research these on your own.

To give you an idea of actual prices, Lugaru is 19.99. I know Lugaru and Aquaria both are capable of mods. (With an 'unnoficial campaign being released on the official Lugaru site.)

I figured if any of you have half a love for indie games, or gaming in general, you should check this out. ^_^ Its only going on for a bit longer. Also, almost all of those games have Demos, so be sure to check those out as well to see if they are your type of games.