View Full Version : How to make DoP easier to get into?

11-07-2007, 09:48 AM
Depths of Peril is a little harder to get into than other action RPGs because of the depth in the game. In this case it is mostly covenant related things like trading, influence/crystals, wars, raids, etc.

Anyways, do you guys have any suggestions based on your experiences with the game that would make it easier to learn about this stuff?

11-07-2007, 02:58 PM
This is hard for me, because I didn't have any trouble understanding the game, maybe be because I followed it for a while before release and had already read a few threads about the gameplay features. Anyway, here's a few possible ideas, extensions of the tutorial:

- Have a tutorial quest where the player fails because another covenant completes it first. The idea would be to reinforce the idea that the world isn't just standing around waiting for you to trigger scripted event X. Ironically, this would have to be scripted. :p The only problem I see is how to tell the player that this "failure" was expected, and not frustrate them or have them trying to repeatedly re-play that tutorial mission to avoid the failure.

- Have a tutorial quest to raid and destroy an enemy covenant. This would have to be against a special nerfed enemy so that there's not much chance of failure right off the bat. This could even be the covenant that beat you to the punch in the previous suggestion. It would be best if you can bring along followers for the raid, but in the beginning you don't have any. Maybe this is how you can "ensure" success, though, by giving the player temporary followers for this quest?

- This could also be something like: On the diplomacy tutorial, start the other covenant off at 30% (or whatever), and have the attempted gift fail, so that the enemy covenant raids the player. The player gets temporary reinforcements to fight off the enemy, and then gets a tutorial quest to go raid the enemy and finish him off, after which point the temporary reinforcements say goodbye and you're back to playing the normal game. (careful about exploiting the temp reinforcements, though...)

- Force players to "win" their first game by only having it show the first area and the town, and only have 1 opposing covenant in the first game. This would limit their options and make them go through every aspect of the game before opening up the whole world. Make this "tutorial game" an option after they set a global variable indicating it has been completed (veteran players with a fresh install can skip it by just killing the opposing covenant immediately, so not much time lost for them). This could also offer you the chance to do a lot more controlled tutorial quests, because they wouldn't have to work in a normal game world with random covenants and other random events happening at the same time. This might work better as 1 "scripted" covenant among many normal covenants at the beginning of a game because you don't want to give the immediate impression that the game is just 1 on 1.