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Delilah Rehm
11-07-2007, 01:20 PM
I love organizing. Iíve always organized my books by author and then by date published, and Iíve organized CDs by artist and then date published. When my kids were toddlers, those books on the lower shelves would inevitably be knocked down, and Iíd put them back in there right places, again and again. I never thought anything about it. I mean, Iím not the only one who organizes books and CDs. When Iím organizing, I can go for hours and lose track of time. I really enjoy it, and that is different.

Itís how I play games too. The inventory MUST be arranged in a certain way. I like to sort through the data, the systems, find my little niche of how to be successful and exploit it. In WOW, I made potions from plants for Steven and me. The water breathing one was as useful as health potions! But none of it sold for much. White pearls on the other hand (I donít remember if this was their exact name), sold for gobs. I could sell them for 100 to 200 each! And if I bid right, often times I could buy them for 30. I am so not kidding. So this was my moneymaker, and I bought the latest matching set of armor using this scheme. Of course then I ďout grewĒ my armor and needed new stuff. I wasnít too please to figure that out!

When I go shopping I always organize the goods in my basket so that cold stuff stays together. Then when I put the items on the conveyor belt, I keep the cold together, then fruit and veggies, then heavy food items, then boxes, then bread and chips, and lastly non-food items. This I have known about myself. Recently, I realized, organization is like a game to me. Itís a bit of entertainment during a boring task. When I get home from the store I try to grab as many bags with the higher priced goods in them. If any bags walk from my driveway, I want it to be the least amount of cost. This comes before getting the cold stuff inside during the summer! In this game, I estimate how much is in my hand and how much is left in the trunk. Is this weird? UmmÖ yes.

Iíve occasionally been told that I analyze things to death. I knew I always think things over repeatedly until something clicked and it made perfect sense. I like how things feel like puzzles and those puzzles need to be shifted, understood, and sorted. I spent about five years in social hibernation, and now that Iím around more people than I can keep up with, I find myself analyzing what people do, how writers write, how writing groups function, and so on. Last night, something hit me. As I was twisting through the puzzle of a domestic abuse situation (which is one of the most extreme events Iíve been exposed to in awhile), it hit me that I like to understand the workings of everything so that I can store that understanding in tidy little boxes in my mind. I play with the ideas until I can fit them in a box! Once everything is in boxes, it is good. It feels Ėgood-. Freaky!

Hello, my nameís Delilah. Iím an organizaholic, and I will be sorting who you are and what you do and putting that data in little boxes in my mind. We all have our own individual weirdness. I guess this is mine.

11-07-2007, 11:23 PM
I'm that way for some things, not for others. Game inventories, totally. Even with DoP, first thing I do when I start a new character is to move the portalmaker thingy to the top right of my backpack, the fresh fruit to the middle right and tumblers of healing to the bottom right.

My clothes closet is the same way. T-shirts are organized together on the top rack from light to dark (solid colors, then shirts with designs within each color), then short sleeve collared shirts from light to dark, then slacks from light to dark. Bottom rack goes turtlenecks, sweatshirts, long sleeve button-down shirts, dress shirts, suits, then coats and jackets. Money in my wallet always has to go right side up and facing front, in ascending order of denomination.

On the other hand, I don't feel a need or compulsion to make sure my phone bills are filed in chronological order, for instance, and my apartment looks more a mess than I'd like most times. Go figure.

Delilah Rehm
11-08-2007, 11:51 AM
Yeah, I'm not compulsive about it usually. It's just fun and I like it. I was thinking about what is unorganized in my house, and I came up with my desk and my closet. :) I think I organized my closet once, but then after I wash clothes I'd need to do it again, so I don't. The kids books aren't organized either. They rifle through them too much to bother with it.

In my inventory, I like to put the stone, the food and the potions in the second bag.