View Full Version : suggestion : better naming system for random loot

01-21-2013, 08:36 PM
You have a prename now called "excelllent", "budget" etc.

I have a suggestion.

Each item has several derived stats such as 'efficiency' and 'relativepower' that are a result of math on the item, and can be compared against a curve.

efficiency = output / powerNeeded (engines do not have this) e.g.
shield power vs power requirement to fit
laser DPS vs power requirement to fit
midslot engine thrust vs power requirement to fit

quality = output / requirement
engine thrust / engineering requirement
laser dps / tactics

from this you can derive the most oustanding benefit an item gives and assign your pretitle -

you can also combine factors and assign a 'masterwork' title to an item that has both a good quality ratio and a good efficiency ratio.