View Full Version : What's good in Druid specialization?

05-23-2010, 11:20 AM
When looking at creating a new character, once more I was looking at druid skills and was wondering to what there would be good.

Their morph that are their more original skills but they seem a little useless because they don't allow use any skill. The strongest form could worth the power but its cooldown time is very long. The druid has also some buffer spells that are noteworthy (Strength and Armor).

Anyway I was wondering how people play a druid and which what other specializations it mixes well.

05-23-2010, 03:15 PM
You should try playing a druid with an assassin. It adds great offensive capabilities through passives, some of which are: Critical hit chance, Attack, Armor piercing, and the ability to use daggers. Daggers are one of the fastest weapons in the game. Add that to your druid with the stalker form and you have 30 seconds of killing. Your attacks will be so fast that you shouldn't have a problem with most enemies. For defense, there is a skill: Barkskin which will help you absorb hits. The only real thing to look out for is keeping your defense high as it will be hard to raise. Defense is important, which I recently learned the hard way.

05-23-2010, 03:39 PM
Yes the assassin and passive skills, that's an idea thanks for the suggestion. In fact with the stalker morph there's no cooldown so it's possible to constantly fight in this morph, no 30s limit. The negative point is that you can't unmorph. But with only passive skills of the assassin this is only a small problem.

I'm trying now Trickster + Druid, in fact I already tried this with one of my first character but I even drop it as I had the feeling that druid morph was pointless, at least with a trickster.

This second attempt is more cool but I have yet to see the weakness when the character will be higher level. For now I haven't fully decided, I have Stealth and Stalker (2) + Barkskin + Strength of Stone.

It's not totally logical, firstly Stealth is an active skill and I can't use it in morph forms, but I can use stealth and then a morph. Also Strength of Stone is more a try, and not take the Trickster passive dodge and evade skills is a little weird.

But it's rather fun to fly through dungeons stealthy and morphed in a Stalker. :) That's very handy when you want do something in urge, also I constantly fight in Stalker form, almost. But well it's still a low level character.