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01-25-2013, 08:09 AM
I've been playing with 'weapon coolers'. In my tests I haven't yet found a weapon system that I use which benefits from these devices. I assume they work for beam / railgun but I haven't tried those. They don't appear to work for midslot weapons, even those not listed as 'special weapon' (mines/bombs) and fighters

I need to be able to bind a key to 'rotate use slot' - maybe I can do this in the ini file, but it would be ideal if the use slot "USE" had a "USE AND ROTATE" bind as well which would allow simple weapon rotation. Holding down the key should rotate and fire that weapon group.

I would like to have 2 more 'use slot' slots that have 'rotate and fire' binds, so that I can make device groups that will fire when I hold down a key.

the stats for heavy slot engines between 40-50 seem off. they don't seem particularly better than the stats for 30-40.

i might be doing it wrong but armor doesn't seem particularly useful. I understand the value of swapping in undamaged armor plates in the field, but unfortunately the associated skill just doesn't have enough synergies.

Compare engineering, which boosts both max energy, capaciter, shield availability, shield boost items and capregen items.

I'd like to suggest something about ship design and see what you think of it. I'd like to see heavy, medium and light slot shield and armor.

Heavy slot shields have high shield power, low regen. Midslots have both but are higher power drain, and low slots have high regen, but little shield.

Heavy slot armor has massive ratings but speed penalties, midslot armor takes power but grants armor repair BONUSES (not repair itself), and low slot armor also confers resistances but has lower armor ratings.

fighter control needs to be removed from tactics to increase diversity and moved to something else. helm makes sense since the helm race has a fighter slot. it's too easy to spike engineering and tactics.

the missile defense laser could be autofiring. toggle on/off like stealth, drains power but fires like a point defense system at incoming missiles. i'd consider using in if I didn't have to hit a button every .75 (or make a keyboard macro)

the stealth indicator is unclear when stealth is dropping - it should fade out repeatedly to show that stealth is off or just go away.

I think the solution to making armor more viable is to have an armor repair system that works very fast but lowers movement and has a high power requirement. you COULD design a ship around that which could be cool, but you can also fix it up between fights.

Also, armor repair systems should be able to bring busted components back online if the armor repair system is a higher level than the busted component.

thanks for reading =)