View Full Version : MOD: Customize End Game

02-14-2013, 09:14 PM
This mod provides you the option to choose which win and lose conditions you would like to be possible. Be default, all types are on. Simply edit the file and replace the ones with zeroes to remove the desired win or lose conditions.

Below is the code:Mod_WinLoseConditions overrides GameSystem
WinConditionAllCovenantsAllied 1 //Diplomatic Win
WinConditionAlliedWithWinningCovenant 1 //Military Win
WinConditionEconomicPoints 1 //Economic Win
WinConditionFearPoints 1 //Fear Win
WinConditionLegendPoints 1 //Legend Win

LoseConditionAllCovenantsEnemies 1 //Diplomatic Loss
LoseConditionWinningCovenantNotAlly 1 //Military Loss
LoseConditionEconomicPoints 1 //Economic Loss


To use this mod, download the attached zip file, extract it to your assets folder, and edit the contained .gdb file. Then delete the zip file.

I recommend keeping the file like this so you can change it easily anytime you want. Or you can repackage it into a zip file and delete the loose file if you find a setting you want to stick with.